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Take the law into your own hands; not much choice with the great job Sheriff Downers Doin’

The Sheriff’s Department, by its own admission, got the initial call at 9:15 on Saturday morning that escaped inmate Ronald Sanchez Jr. was on someone’s property and it took the HCSO 2hrs and 45 minutes to respond. 424 more words


Crime Wave = More Taxes?

Public Safety is the reason being cited by the City of Eureka, The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors and the City of Fortuna for sales tax measures being placed on the November ballot. 166 more words

City Council

Open Letter to Chief Mills

Chief Mills,

We heard you interviewed on KINS news about attacking crime and complaining how difficult it is with limited staff, you reveal that you’re currently down 6 soon to be 7 and 3 more retiring so very soon down 10. 186 more words


Welcome to Andy Mill’s new improved Eureka

The Gang members who were assaulted with a deadly weapons all knew each other, so it’s all good. Nothing to do here folks, just forget about it. 260 more words

City Council

Andy Mills wants Eureka to forget all about the 18th St Gang

As the crime wave in Eureka continues, EPD Chief Andy Mills continues to try keeping all of our heads buried in the sand. A look at the Eureka Police website shows that EPD has only 2 official press releases this year; “Operation Safe Tweets” and “Neighborhood Input Meetings”. 361 more words


Things are so much better in Eureka, with a new Chief and all that extra $

Wow folks! EPD has been busy lately. The Examiner is aware of that because of the selective EPD press releases;

‘Kilo of meth off the streets and the suspect is released from jail’. 367 more words


No thanks, I'd rather raise my kids in our Lawless Sohum Culture

Saturday’s Lost Coast Outpost included a post titled “Garberville/Redway Chamber of Commerce Spearheads Petition Asking for More Law Enforcement Coverage in Southern Humboldt”. The post basically laid out the fact that the County is lacking funds, Sheriff Deputy Positions are frozen, and Southern Humboldt has little, if any, Law Enforcement ability to respond to calls. 382 more words