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You're more likely to be murdered in Eureka than..........redux

According to Chief Andy; Violent Crimes are down.

But wait! Didn’t a young white male adult (as yet unidentified) just get gunned down on the street in a residential neighborhood of Eureka? 167 more words


More media blackout from the Eureka Police Department?

There was a huge police presence at Halvorsen Park this morning.  We’ve heard rumors that a woman was severely stabbed.  Is there any information from the police?????  38 more words


Crimewave: Homegrown champions of the whodunit

This month’s Crimewave column might as well be titled the “Canadian Masters” edition. For the three books under review here are all by celebrated crime writers of this country, several novels deep into their respective series, which are consistently entertaining, well-written, and thoughtful. 837 more words