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Domestic Violence – Whose side are officers on? An officer’s perspective

I interviewed an active officer who spoke to various aspects of domestic violence. He provided a general outline of how domestic dispute matters are dealt with but wanted to reinforce that every case is unique and not all cases will be handled in the same manner due to their severity. 543 more words


"Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad..." - Russell Peters, Canadian Comedian

“Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad.” That’s what Canadian comedian Russell Peters claims his father used to say to him as a child right before he got a beating. 700 more words

Comparing Male and Female Delinquency (Youth)

Although there are many similarities between male and female delinquency among youth there are also differences that are overlooked. The tables below examine youth delinquency from the perspective of an individual with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Crime, Law and Deviance and a Youth Child Worker to help you better understand the complexities of youth crime. 486 more words

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What is "overcome resistance" ? Charges Against Jian Ghomeshi

Although most individuals are familiar with the definition of sexual assault many are baffled by the “overcome resistance” charge in Jian Ghomeshi’s case. Find the answer below. 124 more words