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What happens if I am the Victim of Police Brutality in Philadelphia?

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Every person in the United States has basic rights. When these rights are violated, victims often turn to the court system to recover.

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This Just In: Prison Commitments in Wisconsin are Unconstitutional

In my previous article, I wrote about Wis. Stat. § 50.20(1)(ar) and how it is being used by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections to force powerful psychotropic medications on non-dangerous inmates.    942 more words


What are the Penalties for Drug Possession in Philadelphia?

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Pennsylvania legislators and authorities take drug crimes very seriously. If you are caught possessing even a small amount of an illegal substance, you may find yourself facing potentially harsh penalties, such as fines, jail time, mandatory treatment, probation, community service, and more.

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What Does Legally Insane Really Mean?

It is estimated that nearly 2/3 of all inmates in local jails around the country suffer from a diagnosed mental illness. But if so many people who are convicted of crimes are mentally ill, why don’t more of them plead insanity? 494 more words

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Approach the reliable Sarasota Law Firm and get the best Lawyers in Sarasota

Law is an embodiment of rules and regulations which are created and applied in order to govern and manage the social behavior of the people. It is also meant to deal with all sorts of violations of the human rights in any necessary means. 402 more words


Ask a Philadelphia criminal attorney: Sentencing alternatives

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There are a number of alternative penalties that judges can choose from in lieu of or in addition to a prison term when determining your sentence.

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Michigan Upholds Prosecutors' Duty to Investigate Crimes

This may come as a surprise, but in criminal cases, prosecuting attorneys are required to investigate the possibility that defendants are innocent. They have a constitutional duty to turn over evidence tending to prove a defendant’s innocence even when that information was known to some other government entity, like the police. 413 more words

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