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Criminal Defense

Addiction, Treatment, and Criminal Charges

Treatment and Sentencing

Nicholson & Gansner handles a large number of drug cases, from simple possession to conspiracy and/or intent to distribute. Commonly the defendant in the case has become a heavy user of a controlled substance, whether that is THC, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, or prescription medication. 712 more words

An Arrest does Not mean Guilt!

A 27-year-old Philadelphia man was accused of drug trafficking after authorities allegedly found large quantities of heroin and cocaine on his person. He was arrested after allegedly attempting to flee from police who were supposedly serving another unrelated warrant in his area. 245 more words

Criminal Defense

Michigan to Create Meth Users Registry

Drug use, especially meth, carries with it a stigma that can cause addicts to lose jobs, homes, and family support. But imagine if after serving your sentence and getting clean and sober, the cashier at the pharmacist could still label you as a user and refuse to serve you. 441 more words

Criminal Defense

Is Notification Required for the Military to Label Someone a Deserter?

A man from Hampton was arrested and taken into custody this recently after being accused of deserting from the Army. The 49-year-old veteran filed a petition in federal court the day after his arrest to challenge the accusation and his arrest and subsequent incarceration. 267 more words

Criminal Defense Attorney

All About Probation

Probation Basics

When an individual is convicted of a crime, there can be many outcomes, including probation. Probation is a disposition ordered for a set period of time during which the person convicted of a crime is supervised by the Department of Corrections. 942 more words

On Nancy Grace, Pat McDonough Offers Expert Analysis for Recent Child Hot Car Death Cases

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Both shocking and concerning, the recent incidents of children dying after being left unattended in vehicles is a topic near and dear to many Americans. 572 more words

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