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Complexities of Criminal Defense By Meiron Bar-Nadav

In the world of criminal defense cases it is very important to have a lawyer who knows the in and out of the entire procedure. One mistake could cause serious damage to someone. 222 more words

Meiron Bar-nadav

Will My Lawyer Fight My Case?

As you know, I recently moved back to the Lehigh Valley to open my own law practice. When I was putting together a business plan, I looked at statistics on types of cases being handled in the area. 624 more words


What To Do When Someone is Arrested

They’re Arresting Him!

It is always hard to find out a friend or a loved one has been arrested or is in jail. Watching it happen can be even worse. 503 more words

What Do a Techinical Criminal Case and an Obamacare Challenge Have In Common?

If you need to talk with a criminal defense lawyer, contact Runge Law Office at rungelawoffice@gmail.com or at (402) 390-9577 to schedule a free initial consultation. 681 more words

Criminal Defense

When More Witnesses Equals Less Certainty #PittsburghLawyer

Police recently arrested a Brookline after he unintentionally shot a 15-year-old girl while firing “indiscriminately” into a large crowd of people. The 20-year-old suspect is facing several charges including… 299 more words

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Illegal Jargon: Hemlock Grove gets it all wrong.

Hey, I can’t get enough of these werewolf/vampire TV dramas, call me out on it all you want. My latest favorite is a Netflix original series called “Hemlock Grove”.   878 more words

The Arraignment Process in the United States

New York-based lawyer James Kilduff works as a trial attorney at Lazzaro Law Firm, P.C. Specializing in criminal defense, James Kilduff is an experienced lawyer often called upon to provide legal representation for parole and probation violations, plea negotiations, preliminary hearings, and arraignments. 162 more words

James Kilduff