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Quick hits (part II)

1) I waited all week to give this Dahlia Lithwick piece it’s own post, but I failed.  Justin Wolfe’s murder conviction was vacated three years ago due to prosecutorial misconduct, but he’s still in prison.   436 more words


Senator: White House Simply Doesn't "Want Public to Know" Scope of CIA Torture

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Friday, November 21, 2014


Common Dreams

Members of Intelligence Committee say White House is stalling release of torture report as high-level disagreement over what American people can know about abuses by CIA reaches boiling point; Transparency advocates tell lawmakers with access to report, ‘Just read it into the record.’ 1,040 more words

Criminal Justice

"I had never read a book in my life until I came to prison"

The correspondence I have been having with prisoners to whom we have sent copies of I Am Troy Davis continues to astound and amaze me. Below, are excerpts from two letters that I received from Chucky Mamou, on death row in Texas, posted here with his permission. 1,578 more words

Troy Davis

I listen more, understand better, react less, respond more, and believe in my own strengths far more than I ever thought I could.

As a child, I always knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. I wanted to undoubtedly work in the Criminal Justice field. I did not care what I did, whether it be policing, corrections, social work, or legal work, as long as I was working to pursue justice, impact lives, and “make things right.” 2,063 more words

Locked Up? Habeas Corpus Could Help

The Writ of Habeas Corpus is a petition filed by a person who is being held in detention. They petition the warden or the entity that is holding them prisoner, demanding that they be brought before a judge to determine whether they are lawfully being held. 450 more words


Mega Quick hits (part I)

1) I know the Food Babe is low-hanging fruit, but her scientific illiteracy is so bad it’s truly laughable (in this case her advice for air travel). 668 more words