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A Closer Look at Michigan’s Ranking in the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s 2014 U.S. Animal Protection Laws & Rankings

Since 2006 the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) has published an annual report that ranks all U.S. states and territories on their animal protection laws.  These rankings are based on 15 categories, which include: (1) general prohibitions, (2) penalties, (3) exemptions, (4) mental health evaluations and counseling, (5) protective orders, (6) cost mitigation & recovery, (7) seizure/impoundment, (8) forfeiture and post-conviction possession, (9) non-animal agency reporting of suspected animal cruelty, (10) veterinarian reporting of suspected animal cruelty, (11) law enforcement policies, (12) sexual assault, (13) fighting, (14) offender registration, and (15) “ag gag” (anti-whistleblower) legislation.  1,147 more words


We are way past body cameras and changing lightbulbs

I recently heard climate activist Bill McKibben speak. The central point of his whole speech was that we are beyond the point where individual actions to combat climate change make a difference. 567 more words

Evidence based policing: some concerns...

Evidence Based Policing: the bad bits…


I’ve already blogged about the benefits of bringing EBP into the workplace, and I could write another three entries on why it is so important, but balance in this area is absolutely necessary. 1,376 more words


Supreme Court decides police need more power

You’d hope these guys would at least watch the news, but alas, only Sonia Sotomayor gets it.   In the latest decision, the Court has decided a search is reasonable so long as the police officer  850 more words


Man or Boy?

What does it mean to be a man? Do you wake up on the morning of your eighteenth birthday, that year we have designated as being close enough, and all of a sudden you have been transformed? 636 more words


Smart ways to think about racism and injustice in the U.S. today

“When police officers, acting in their duty as government officials and the enforcers of our laws, when they kill someone, that’s the death penalty.”

There has been a lot of heated rhetoric around the decisions of two separate American grand juries not to indict white police officers responsible for the deaths of unarmed black men.

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An ArteNote: "Criminals are Stupid"

We all know that to be a criminal is certainly not very smart. And we know that they cannot see consequences (a great word given that implies “with sequence”), meaning they cannot see past the immediate need or gratification and their ability to predict the future (jail and worse) is missing! 152 more words