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Quick hits (part I)

1) It really is pretty ridiculous what the state of NY lets ultra-orthodox jews get away with not teaching in their schools (and as I learned on… 424 more words


Payback time

Two RBS bankers establish several fake companies so they can apply for mortgages to buy and renovate homes and sell the property for profit. The two men get loans totalling 3 million pounds in five years and buy five properties, of which three in London. 867 more words

Criminal Justice

Behavioural economics mysteries: trying to solve theories of crime

I was previously unfamiliar with criminal justice website The Marshall Project, but I really enjoyed this article on crime reduction theories.

Founded in behavioural economics, the articles lists 10 possible reasons why crime in the United States has dropped so consistently over 20 years from the 1990s to 2010. 83 more words

Prisons and Bad Neighborhoods – the Irony of Deterrents, Part #4

Deterrents run on contrast.

The power of a deterrent must be, in some relationship, proportional to the difference between the penalty and its absence, or rather, life with the penalty and life without it. 797 more words


Sequential Interception Model: Post-Arrest Diversion (Part III)

In a continuation of the Sequential Interception Model series, post-arrest diversion will be explored today. Post-arrest diversion is an integration of mental health officers who help individuals receive mental health bonds and case management services. 329 more words

Mental Health

Punishment can't solve everything, but here's a case where prevention isn't even considered!

It seems that when a paedophile wants help beforehand, there’s nothing for him.
“Go fuck some kids first,” Society tells them. “Then we’ll deal with you. 86 more words


Supporting Change from the Inside

Brandon came into our Youth Probation office with the bravado of a Soprano’s character. He had strong handsome features and he was highly athletic. He commanded a presence. 526 more words

Drug Education Series