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Marijuana legislation fuels inequality

Criminal records haunt job-seekers despite law’s repeal

Time to talk drugs — weed, specifically.
No one wants to be caught with marijuana on his or her person. 513 more words

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Nearly 65 million Americans Have a Criminal Record

Fact: As of May 2011, nearly 65,000,000 Americans had a criminal record.

Source: 65 Million “Need Not Apply,” The National Employment Law Project


Moving On: Day 75

Well I’m feeling a bit shit whilst writing this.
The day started of okay, I woke up feeling tired but I had planned to have a good, positive day. 875 more words

The Critical Nature of Post-Hire Continued Screening

October 13, 2014

The process of hiring a new employee can be a lengthy and arduous task. It’s no wonder that after combing through hundreds of resumes, conducting dozens of interviews, and asking all the right questions to find the one perfect candidate for the job, human resource professionals breathe a sigh of relief when their background screening and verification report comes back ‘clear.’ 703 more words

Background Screening

Recidivism Rates a Concern for Employers

September 23, 2014

Does it make good business sense to hire someone who has recently been released from prison? Factors such as the nature of the crime committed, the amount of time served, and rehabilitation efforts all play a part in deciding whether or not to hire an ex-convict. 551 more words

Background Screening

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