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‘Hire a hacker to solve cyber skills crisis’ urge UK companies

According to the latest research conducted by KPMG UK, companies admit they’re considering turning to ex-hackers in a bid to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals. 572 more words


Guest post: Living with a criminal conviction

What happens when one moment of bad judgement changes everything anyone ever thinks about you?

Mike Jones* used a weapon to defend his girlfriend from an aggressive man at a party seven years ago. 1,269 more words


"A Plan to Cut Costs and Crime: End Hurdle to Job After Prison" - NY Times

Photo taken from: NY Times

“When I answer that question honestly, I never get a call back,” she said. “I feel like I’m still paying for my crimes 20 years later.” 705 more words

Should A Job Applicant Be Screened For A Criminal Record?

What’s the latest hiring trend? Making it illegal for companies to ask job applicants whether they’ve ever been convicted of a felony. It’s all part of a growing campaign called “Ban the Box,” where supporters want to eliminate the checkbox from printed and online job application forms that says: “Check ‘yes’ if you were ever convicted of a felony.” … 160 more words


Marijuana legislation fuels inequality

Criminal records haunt job-seekers despite law’s repeal

Time to talk drugs — weed, specifically.
No one wants to be caught with marijuana on his or her person. 513 more words

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Nearly 65 million Americans Have a Criminal Record

Fact: As of May 2011, nearly 65,000,000 Americans had a criminal record.

Source: 65 Million “Need Not Apply,” The National Employment Law Project


Moving On: Day 75

Well I’m feeling a bit shit whilst writing this.
The day started of okay, I woke up feeling tired but I had planned to have a good, positive day. 875 more words