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How to Communicate in a Crisis

A crisis situation may be the worst time to see how good your communications strategy is, but it is the one customers and the world will remember most. 18 more words


A Christmas Crisis

Two things to start off in this post.

First, I am in no way not acknowledging that there are other holidays celebrated around this time of year by titling this post “A Christmas Crisis”. 604 more words

Top Ten Takeaways from Crisis Communication

For my final blog post, I decided to compile a top 10 list of the many things I learned throughout Crisis Communication.

1. Ethical writing: I learned the importance of writing ethically and being careful with word choice. 471 more words

Is It Enough?

One of the many perks of being a commuter student is how often I get to listen to the radio (note that there is a hint of sarcasm that may not have come across in the text, but there was definitely an eye roll while I typed this). 399 more words

Hanging the Picture

Back in August, African-American teen, Lennon Lacy, was found dead, hanged from a swing set in a trailer park nearby his home in North Carolina. Little to nothing was initially covered about the death of this teen in the media as his death was declared a suicide. 531 more words

Big Feminist Problems

Earlier in this semester, it seemed like whenever the weekend rolled around we received an abundance of emails from the University Public Safety notifying students and staff of a rape or sexual assault on or near campus. 572 more words

Choose Your Words Wisely

As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across an article that someone┬áposted. It’s about a woman in HR who sends a company Christmas party invitation out, which soon turns into a multiple emails. 405 more words