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What if it’s a parent abusing the child and the child is underage. Who should they turn to?

Abuse by parents is exceptionally hard to recognize, both for the survivor and for the people around them. If you feel like you are being abused by a parent, it is best to talk with a trusted adult who can help you talk through what is going on. 60 more words


The Worst Responses I've Gotten About My Injury

It has been almost a month since my injury and I’m making strides on a daily basis. My hand therapist built this contraption to ensure the back of my hand gets a good stretch – I still can’t make a fist and I especially cannot bend my ring finger, which is all sorts of swollen and crooked. 1,352 more words

What are appropriate things to say or responses to a person struggling with the effects of sexual abuse?

The most important thing you can do for someone is to listen to them, believe them, and be there for them. It is important not to ask blaming questions and not to make the situation about yourself in any way. 17 more words

Helping A Friend

Crisis Intervention

We are trained to manage and intervene in crisis situations. These includes partnering with public or commercial services to assist clients / community members with emotional and family management.  14 more words


How does your body react to sexual assault?

When your body undergoes any kind of trauma, your brain will release chemicals and hormones to help cope with what you are experiencing. I honestly don’t know enough about neurobiology to tell you for sure if the same hormones are released during a sexual assault as a non-sexual assault. 43 more words