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Israel seizes 400 hectares of West Bank land

The United States has urged Israel to reverse its decision to seize nearly 400 hectares of land in the occupied West Bank, a move anti-settlement activists termed the largest land grab in 30 years. 334 more words

State Fragility

How Much Does Poverty Drive Crime?

August 22, 2014 by JOE CARTER

I’m about to make a prediction that is incontrovertible — a claim that cannot be controverted because (a) I am absolutely right in my prediction, and (b) because I will be long dead before my rightness can be proven. 456 more words


Pakistan's political crisis worsens

Tuesday’s joint parliamentary session of both houses – the National Assembly and the Senate – in the capital Islamabad is an attempt to rally support behind Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. 313 more words


China Doll

“Amber, she may not recognize you,” Dad warns me as he pulls into the hospital parking lot, “She’s awake but not very lucid. It’s probably the pain medication.” He watches for a reaction, and I just nod. 735 more words


Living Wills Decide Who Will Make Decisions When You Can't

Many people are wondering what they need in the way of legal documents to make certain that, in the event of incapacity, their wishes are known and followed regarding potential end-of-life decisions. 364 more words


Creative Synthesis

My mother told me she understood love for the first time the moment I was born. She also told me I was melody flitting through rhythm, past the congas. 683 more words

How to Make the World a Better Place

I’ve noticed that, in a world rampant with war, disease and evil, people around me are extremely self-centred over the most trivial things.

There are families being torn apart by illness, war, famine, the typical horrors we see every night on the news, but there are people worried about a bad haircut. 314 more words