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Immigration Crisis

WHOA! Stop the presses; stand on your head in a bucket of peanut butter. Let’s return to reality. We have laws, some good, some bad, but changing them to benefit only people who are here despite the law is just plain wrong. 582 more words


Drumming and the World of the Shaman

Drumming and the World of the Shaman
Remember that drumming opens
portals to the spirit world,
draws spirit in,
and opens you up to receive it.
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More About Tuesday's Tale


As promised a few weeks back, here is an update on the story of T – the little ballet star I work with whose father has untreatable cancer. 375 more words

Sometimes everything has to fall apart

We are, from the earliest of ages, programmed to plan. We start mapping out our entire lives before we’re old enough to spell. We knew then, without a doubt, what we wanted. 721 more words

Philosophizing FOMO

Does Capitalism Have a Future? Five major social scientists engage in sophisticated discussion whether the capitalist system can survive

The Great Recession has prompted a reassessment of the specific mode of capitalist accumulation that achieved dominance in the era of globalization. Yet just about all of this literature has focused on one of two issues: why things went wrong, and what we need to do in order to return the system to stability. 236 more words