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Ukraine Re-Introduces Mandatory Military Draft, 18 Month Service

Ukraine has announced that men between the ages of 20 and 27 would be called up for 18 months of military service starting next spring, the secretary of the National Security and Defence Council, Aleksander Turchynov, said at a meeting of security officials. 105 more words



I have actually forgotten
what THIS is like,
though I am sure I have reminded myself

He disables me,
and I then want to cement my weapons… 321 more words


About Russian Economy

Well, since before i was in Brazil i was hearing about the “Russian Crisis” or the “Rouble Crisis”. You can read more about here and… 187 more words


Invest During Crisis?

We have been told when there’s a crisis, it’s the best time to invest. History shows that during crisis, stocks are sold at a heavy discount. 468 more words


The Cost of a Midlife Crisis

At this time of year it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the hassles of the holidays and costs of Christmas gifts, parties, and travel arrangements. 85 more words

Ukrainian crisis, Russian domination or European integration?

Ukrainian crisis summed up here:

People wanted more integration with Russia, but Ukrainian goverment didnt want it, so they started protesting. Now the rebels in Donbass are being helped by Russia. 169 more words


Me presento

Llevo tiempo pensando crear un blog, queriendo escribir en algún sitio mi perspectiva de lo que sucede, queriendo compartir las cosas que aprendo. Ayer (19/12/14) un buen amigo me dio el empujón definitivo cuando le recomendaba un libro. 171 more words