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No Dryer (#Crisis)

While most of everyday life here seems similar to life at home, there are some telling differences.  One of these differences is that there is no clothes dryer in our house.   247 more words

KQED Do Now: Ebola Virus Epidemic

The Ebola virus is an infectious and fatal disease spread through contact with infected body fluids. Some symptoms include high fever, headaches, joint and muscles aches and pains, sore throat, stomach pain and lack of appetite.  310 more words


The Enemy of My Enemy is Actually Pretty Cool

The defining geopolitical conflict of the current generation will be the crisis in the Middle East. In fact, the defining geopolitical conflict since the dawn of civilization has been the crisis in the middle ease. 549 more words


Que es una Burbuja Inmobiliaria?

La expresión burbuja inmobiliaria hace referencia a la existencia de una burbuja especulativa en el mercado de bienes inmuebles.

La burbuja inmobiliaria en Estados Unidos arranca en el seno del propio mercado inmobiliario, por razones de índole no solo económica, siendo realimentada al alza, en una segunda etapa, por abundante crédito hipotecario favorecido por políticas monetarias expansivas. 568 more words

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Crisis Management Ethics

Before I really understood what public relations was, I was under the impression that the only thing PR was used for was crisis management. While this was a fairly narrow understanding of what public relations is all about, it is unarguably a relevant part of the industry. 111 more words


The Fragmentation of Western Asia

According to the latest installment of The State of Food Insecurity in the World, released on the 16th September by the WFP, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the International Fund of Agricultural Development, there remains over 800 million people in the world who suffer from hunger. 1,333 more words