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Book Review: Philip Mirowski, "Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste"

Reading the works of Philip Mirowski is always a guarantee of an idiosyncratic, challenging, and invigorating take on the history of economic thought. Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste  2,536 more words


The Days Tick By

Five more days until my operation – I feel a strange mixture of hope and fear. Hope that this will finally “fix” me.

Meanwhile Julie has been keeping me distracted: another crisis, written about in more detail on my… 26 more words



I brought this upon myself, really, for not being truthful when I should’ve been. But how else can I soothe the panicked heart of a devout mother? 394 more words

Why Brendan Eich Have To Resign

Brendan Eich ended his CEO career in Mozilla, which was less than a month, as a result of his donation to an anti-same-sex marriage in 2008. 240 more words


pobre loquito

Los enfermos mentales en España. Forman parte de esta nueva clase social, denominada “excluidos”. Pero si me decido a escribir sobre ello es por que este grupo esta siendo sin duda víctima de un sistema cada vez más carente de recursos y cada vez más de espalda a los más débiles. 563 more words