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NYC Top Comedy Choices for Monday 7/28/14

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TV Alert: Penn & Teller are on Seth Meyers;
Will Arnett is on Conan O’Brien;
Ben Stiller is on Ellen DeGeneres; 1,795 more words

Best New York Live Comedy Shows, Updated Daily

Let's Go To The Mall on September 23rd To Get The How I Met Your Mother Complete Series! And Maybe The Alternate Ending Will Be The Non-Sucktastic Ending We Deserve!

So – I flat out hated the series finale of How I Met Your Mother – it’s awful, throws away years of character development & completely disregards a character you waited 8 season to meet and another additional season waiting for the mother & Ted to FINALLY meet,only to have it not matter 10 seconds later – that being said, I still really, really want this box set! 67 more words

How I Defiled Your Mother’s Memory

Last night E4 broadcast the How I Met Your Mother series finale here in the UK, with TV guides warning viewers that the twisty ending had proven “divisive” for American audiences, when it originally aired back in March.* Personally, I’ve hated this show since the pilot, when the writers pulled that bullshit “Aunt Robin” twist ending, so a very petty part of me was delighted to see so many long-time fans belatedly sharing my hate. 444 more words


NBC at TCA: Searching for the Nuts and Bolts of A to Z

Of NBC’s comedy pilots, A to Z feels the most complete. This isn’t to say that none of their other comedy pilots were good—I liked… 962 more words


A to Z Producers Address the Rom-Com Couple's (Doomed?) Future

Is A to Z‘s central romance already destined for failure?

Given that the new NBC comedy’s title suggests a beginning and, more importantly, an end, talk at the Television Critics Assoc. 296 more words


Short Review: The Occupants (2014)

The Occupants” is an US-American no-budget mystery-thriller starring Cristin Milioti (HIMYM, The Wolf of Wall Street, Once – The Musical). It was released recently and just turned up on my radar as I was searching for more movies and shows with Cristin Milioti. 257 more words