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What recession? Argentina constructing the largest building in Latin America

UPDATE (9-16-14): The Audiovisual Polo project may now be the second largest building in South America. Find out what structure will be the tallest.

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Latin America

Argentines Proudly Celebrate “Historic” Satellite Completion, and Upcoming Launch

Early Sunday morning at the Bariloche international airport in the province of Rio Negro, thousands of excited and proud Argentines gathered to celebrate the sending off of the completed Arsat-1 satellite, which was loaded Saturday aboard a large Ukrainian Antonov-series plane, and took off today for French Guiana, where it will be launched in October. 341 more words

New Economic Order

Argentine government braces itself for nationwide union protests

Following a government default in July, Argentine labor unions have now organized nationwide protests in an effort to demand better working conditions as the recent bond default threatens economic stagnation and renewed inflation. 547 more words

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At the End of the Day

Today, Mario Draghi softened his tone on austerity – but hardened his stance on fiscal management – in his speech at a place aptly named Jackson Hole – for Jackson stonewalled, and we are indeed all in a very deep hole. 451 more words

At The End Of The Day

...as the real america moves on and forward...

…tango or samba, the ladies have the joint jumpin’…

In one case. The President of Argentina has decided that being courteous is just that, being courteous; and courteousness represents no surrender of the country’s independence to some well-connected buitres del norte. 338 more words


Argentina Bonds Judge to Hold Hearing on Contempt Request

By: Bob Van Voris

The U.S. judge overseeing litigation about Argentina’s defaulted debt has scheduled an emergency hearing at 3 p.m. in New York to consider arguments the South American nation’s latest plan to avoid complying with his orders constitutes contempt of court. 231 more words