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For her assignment, “Visitation,” Ms. Perkowski reflects the process of development through requirement, idea, knowledge of material and application, form and content, and expressive qualities.

Sound with Sight

Ms. Mazurek’s work from this week includes a still from a video piece to accompany the song, “Come to Life” by Young Fathers. The text describes the process of creating video as a partner to music and serves as a prompt for interpretation. 35 more words

Mapping the conversation

Ms. Perkowski’s visual and written notes diagram questions, concepts, research, and response on the topic of assessment.

Pagemaking Process

Ms. Nathans outlines the steps used in making a concerta book of mixed media, text, and drawings. Through photographs and images, and text, the story of the book’s making is revealed.

Criteria for Creating

For this week’s visual response, members of the art research group have turned their sights toward assessment as we have all been tasked to create an assessment tool that would be applied to a personal art work. 16 more words

Choosing Apps for the Classroom

 Photo Credit: Daniel Go via Flickr(CC 2.0)

Aimed at improving and enhancing the learning process, mobile devices are being deployed in classrooms nationwide. The result? An onslaught of educational apps that promise to make learning easier, differentiated, and most importantly enjoyable to the student. 231 more words