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Yii grid

if (isset($_REQUEST['User']) && isset($_REQUEST['User']['FirstName'])) {
$criteria->compare(‘CONCAT(FirstName,” “,LastName,” “,UserName)’, $this->FirstName, true);


Our Criteria

Following the ‘Doability Chart’ laid out in Effectual Entrepreneurship, the five of us have decided upon the following criteria in order to decide upon a business venture: 129 more words


Role modelling support for BTEC Sport merit and distinction criteria

Students coming into the 6th form were struggling to produce quality work that links the pass criteria with the merit and distinction criteria.

I decided to help support students in the initial stages in year 12 and when I looked at what I was asking the students to complete, it in fact was complex (quite rightly so) and has to be well planned and thought out. 183 more words


What makes a good poet?

In my creative writing workshop, I have been introduced to poets such as Les Murray, John Keats, and Jim Dickey. All are poets that are well known throughout the poetry community, for their style, craft, and their voice. 1,041 more words

3050 Session Eight: Proposal Memo Sections 9-25-14

Today’s Agenda:

So you think you have a problem?

Group workshop on creating viable research questions.

Take some time with your group to perform the following exercise: 1,092 more words

3050 Session


Assessment in the classroom is something that has always made me nervous when thinking about it from a teacher’s perspective. As a student, I was always writing tests, composing essays, doing quizzes and completing worksheets that seemed dauntless and pointless. 690 more words


New Criteria!

I’m actually going to go to basic anime rating. It will most likely be in this new format. So forget the previous criteria I have posted. 54 more words