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Mesh networks: there's not going to be a post-Internet age

There will be an exponentially bigger Internet, for sure. That’s the IOT. But in the future, most things that are hooked up – the vast majority of things – are still going to be hooked up to most other things. 89 more words

Studying security officers behaviours to improve security performance

In an article from Eurasia Review, we learn that TSA (Transport Security Administration) had directed a research study on human behaviour (security officers) with the aim to improve airport security. 372 more words

Security Performance

I am the eye in the sky

I doubt that Alan Parsons had this in mind when he wrote that song back in the eighties.

Wide area persistent surveillance is a young, and fast-growing field of police technology devoted to making the Eye in the Sky a real thing. 647 more words

Insurers learn about the cyber attack risk to critical infrastructure

In response to research that found cyber threats were shifting from data to operational technology, a division of Lloyd’s of London has announced a new type of insurance coverage to address increased cybersecurity risks to the electric utility industry. 220 more words

Industrial Control Systems

Kaspersky: critical infrastructure threats are today's most worrisome

In an audio interview with Dennis Fisher, Eugene Kasperky discusses how the top enterprise cyber threats today are those to critical infrastructure, and how defense is hampered by a lack of standards and regulations.

(Via Threatpost)

Security holes in SATCOM systems

Satellite commuications are a conerstone of the global telecommunications system. As well as supporting all types of voice and data traffic, they’re heavily relied upon by critical infrastructure providers such as emergency services, military forces, airlines, shipping companies, supply chain logistics providers and others, to do their jobs. 183 more words

On trust and critical infrastructure protection

I started this blog to explore a topic that I’m both fascinated with, and one that gets way too little attention. That topic is trust and infrastructure protection and its many facets, in both the physical and digital dimensions. 719 more words