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The short but dramatic history of critical infrastructure cyber incidents

A descriptive list of all documented (read: publicly disclosed) cyber incidents affecting critical infrastructure facilities to date appears in a new draft revision of NIST’s  1,374 more words

IoT security state of play: can we learn from history?

Originally posted on Peerlyst on 24th August 2014

In mid-2014 as Peerlyst gets off the ground, one of the biggest challenges facing the security profession is how to secure the Internet of Things. 707 more words

Giving up on Privacy... for now...

One of the key stumbling blocks of the Executive Order 13636 directing NIST to develop a “voluntary” framework for critical infrastructure owners and operators was the dreaded Section 5 “Privacy and Civil Liberties Protections.” As we have seen over the past couple years, there is a fierce desire, mainly by the federal government,  to avoid any sort of legislation or regulation involving privacy. 372 more words

The "Dinner Party" Explanation of the NIST Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Framework

On February 12, 2013, President Obama issued Executive Order 13636, “Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity,”[1]  which addresses cyber threats and seeks to “strengthen the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure”  through a partnership of the federal government and “critical infrastructure owners and operators.” 816 more words

Who are the Bad Guys? Part 3

A basic taxonomy of cyber-actors


By David Perry

 5. Governments

We save this for the most dangerous position. We have all seen disclosures that the… 303 more words

Lew Gets It Right

This post might seem a bit US-centric, but the issues are really not specific to the US, they are global issues.

The Hill (thehill.com) reported this week… 414 more words