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Lew Gets It Right

This post might seem a bit US-centric, but the issues are really not specific to the US, they are global issues.

The Hill (thehill.com) reported this week… 414 more words


Economic Forecast Newsflash: 7/3/14

Economic Forecast Newsflash:

Dow Reaches 17,000 for first time ever (7/3/14) new end of year projections for Dow Jones Industrial Average Year (DJIA) to Date (YTD) December 31st 2014: +1085.187844 to 17,661.847 or 6.14424863% gain in the DJIA for the year compared to previous 17,101.51338 or 3.0690464%. 14 more words


Singapore is building one of the world's first smart airports

Singapore’s Changi Airport, is transforming itself into one of the world’s first smart airports, with the help of Singapore integrator ST Electronics.

In the initiative, dubbed Intelligent Airport, all aspects of Changi’s operations from flight arrivals and departures to baggage handling and passenger movement will be tracked via sensors which feed data to a unified operations center. 287 more words

What Heartbleed Means for Critical Infrastructure

For more than two weeks IT staff around the world have coped with one of the most serious security issues to crop up, the Heartbeat bug in the OpenSSL encryption libraries. 12 more words

FAA has approved the first commercial use drones

The FAA  has approved the first commercial drone flights over land in the US, and they will be for critical infrastructure protection: specifically to monitor the oilfields, roads, pipelines, and oil production equipment on Alaska’s… 189 more words

Steria awarded National Nuclear Laboratory contract

Steria have been selected by the National Nuclear Laboratory (NLL) to provide a bespoke information system.  Steria were picked for this seven-year contract because of their experience on working on critical infrastructure for defence and other secure clients across Europe.  17 more words

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