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Critical Pedagogy

Critical pedagogy heavily draws on the work of Paulo Freire, whose work we’ll be reading later this term, and on critical theory. Extremely briefly, … 483 more words

Critical Pedagogy

things in the making

Employing the masters’ ideas not to explain them – which is a way to embalm them unchanged and unchangeable – but to make something (else) of them. 914 more words


Angel or devil? The strange case of Sugata Mitra

Last Saturday Sugata Mitra gave a plenary at an international teachers’ conference. When it was over a proportion of the audience gave him a standing ovation, but an equal number refused to get to their feet and a proportion of the ‘remaining seated’ crowd expressed outrage and fury at what they had heard and seen. 1,001 more words


More Amazing Student Bloggers

I’ve finished the evaluations of student blogs for the second five weeks of the semester. (Can you hear the angels singing?) The evaluation form I used held expectations for not only  blog content, but  use of Twitter, and Facebook pages created specifically for their professional blogs. 490 more words

Ms. Regenias Class

Invisible Pedagogies: Expanding the Concept of Education in Museums

Written by Andrea de Pascual

Invisible Pedagogies (IP) is a collective that works on the creation of a space in which we can rethink the relationship between art and education. 1,929 more words

Experimenting In Museums

Feminist Digital Research/Pedagogy/Writing as Community-Based Practice

This blog post serves a second function: it is also my contribution to the Pitzer College publication, The Engaged Faculty Collection, a project spearheaded by my colleague… 1,658 more words


How We Look at Education

So… I’ve been reading some vastly different things about education and just wanting to connect all that’s rushing through my head.

I was in a private facebook discussion with a friend who pointed me to… 1,154 more words