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Teaching Outrage

In my course on reading popular culture, I spend several weeks teaching students how to discern the ideologies at work in popular culture texts, focusing each week on a particular reading method.   739 more words

Critical Theory

Studio Tutorial 18.11.2014

Today we had one to one tutorials about the progress and direction of our practice. Following from The Essence Of Art (2014), which was quite successful in it’s satirical sense, I have decided that I would like to conduct another lecture. 141 more words


[0 - Introduction]

Welcome to ‘The Coming Critique,’ a blog dedicated to (in)formal discussions of critical theory, literature, and pop culture. I’ve set up this blog as a space to practice my writing and allow/force me to write about things I’m interested in but don’t often get to talk about in class. 246 more words

SPINOZA'S PHILOSOPHY: The Body, Race, Freedom by E.San Juan, Jr.

Spinoza and the War of Racial Terrorism

E. San Juan, Jr.

A free man thinks of nothing less than of death, and his wisdom is a meditation on life, not on death…. 10,104 more words


Politics and Memory: The Mnemotechnical Implications of Capitalism in Stiegler (Long Paper)

Politics and Memory:

The Mnemotechnical Implications of Capitalism in Stiegler

‘the question of memory and its technicisation is at the heart of the political struggle which philosophy was from the very beginning’ (CPE, 36) 4,538 more words


Les Mots et Les Choses Pour Un Petit Ami: A Partial Foucault Summary

You need not feel obliged to read, or read at length, but as you (not you, a representation of you, or several, a name, an image, a thought, a construct) were the audience I used as a template for determining what language would suffice and how much to elaborate, I thought to send it along in the spirit of designating you (the real you?) as a philosophical sounding board / desired collaborator; how antithetical this class and this discourse and this professor’s feminism is to the way I think you think. 1,594 more words


Public Library : Text on the Limit.

MY Sweetheart boy friends always feels pissed off when I suddenly act such a movie director, but it really is.. actually it’s relating about what I did at 4am today. 472 more words