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Towards a Critical Game Design Curriculum


1 Year In

A year ago I began my first year of lecturing on the Computer Games Arts BA at University for the Creative Arts Farnham. 1,256 more words

Digital Culture

SE Part 8: A Little Bit on Graham Harman and his Object Oriented Ontology.

Nonsense! Ridiculousness! The usual suspects rage.

So now we need to try and reel it in. If the fish has been snagged by the line, then we need to start to bring it back away from the fish of mere ideas, back from objectival discourse that sees authors and their ideas as True Things to be apprehended in their in-itself-ness, where the fish was swimming around looking for food and found it on the end of a hook and decided (whether it be of ‘natural’ instinct or not) to bite — we need to bring back the fish that has been snagged by the line. 4,206 more words


The Internet Grinds to a Halt: Jennifer Lawrence Naked

I don’t think there’s much new to say about Jennifer Lawrence’s image being stolen and circulated on the internet. Masculine entitlement isn’t new, and the Wikileaks of celebrity phone invasions is not too novel a twist on that very old story. 1,996 more words

North America

Blog #57 - – “Public” opinion and the innocent media.

Blog #57 – “Public” opinion and the innocent media.

N. Gregory Mankiw, professor of economics at Harvard. writes:

“Media owners generally do not try to mold the population to their own brand of politics. 595 more words


Concrete Oasis

Swaying until the final swallowed drop The last viscous dripping
Sliding swimming swooping sweeping
Taking giving
Brushing bruising bringing
The throngs of ticking and tocking… 99 more words


Narrative Voice vs Narrative Perspective

I’ve been on a bit of a Gérard Genette kick lately. If you don’t know who he is, then you probably haven’t studied much narrative theory. 617 more words


Abolitionism, Spiritualism, and Women's Lib

by Al Benson Jr.

The radical Abolitionist Movement in the North (separate from the conservative abolitionist movement in the South) in the years from the 1830s through “reconstruction” at the end of the War of Northern Aggression, was the cause of many problems that we are still faced with today, two of which are the modern “Women’s Liberation Movement.” and the “Civil Rights Movement.” 978 more words