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Adorno, Book 2, Aphorisms

This is the second book of Adordo’s aphorisms.
An aphorism is not, as commonly believed, a single sentence wittily phrased, laced with paradox or anger.  It is rather a condensed discussion of a single subject under a single heading, lasting as long a several paragraphs and often as short as the single, biting, sentence.    29,959 more words

The wounded story teller and the hero's journey

I battled with the medical model of psychology. This was partly because it’s so human to be anxious, moody sometimes, dependent or overly assertive in other moments, that it’s easy to look at the constructs around ‘illness’ and think in various moments that you have all of them. 840 more words

Johnny Goes to Grad School: The Story of Johnny Kraps and his Post Structuralist Punk Rock in The Fancy Boys

Johnny Kraps is an enigmatic man. Anyone with a name that fantastic and fictional would have to be.

Johnny comes to Charleston, IL by way of southern Illinois and San Jose, CA. 1,986 more words

Dr. Caveman

POSTPONE Inaugural Workshop 21st of March, King’s College London

On 21st of March the Research Centre in International Relations hosted the inaugural workshop for the newly created cross-national PhD research network POSTPONE (Postgraduate Poststructural Research Network)at King’s College London’s Strand campus. 619 more words

International Relations Theory

Rethinking 'Identities'

This volume sets out to re-imagine the theoretical and epistemological presuppositions of existing scholarship on identities. Despite a well-established body of scholarly texts that examine the concept from a wide range of perspectives, there is a surprising dearth of work on multiple, heterogeneous forms of identity. 278 more words

Film Studies

Simpsons and Joblessness

“Joblessness is no longer just for philosophy majors. Useful people are beginning to feel the pinch”
—Kent Brockman, “$pringfield,” episode 1F08 aired December 16 1993…

272 more words

All New Content!

Check out the Humanities Graduate Journal tab at the top of my website.  The HGJ is a new project that aims to debunk the idea that a humanities degree is useless in today’s technocapitalist regime: 68 more words