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The Progressive Elements of Cultural Studies

One of the primary objectives of Cultural Studies is to espouse working class politics. This is based on Marx’s Theory of Base and Superstructure wherein the economic base dictates the politics and culture of a given society. 746 more words

Theory And Criticism

Feminism Fatale: Why Feminism Needs "Women Against Feminism"

There have been more scoffs, scratched heads, and wtf’s, than usual across the internet. “Women Against Feminism” is a blog that features pictures of women holding cards that express why they do not need feminism. 494 more words

Chivalry Is Dead and You're Reading that Wrong

If you’ve been on any social media (which I know you have) you’ll probably have noticed a growing trend: articles, articles, articles. But not just any articles. 1,352 more words


Roberto Bolaño's Fiction (Book Acquired, 07.24.2014)

So of course I’ve been eating up Roberto Bolaño’s Fiction: An Expanding Universe, a new critical study by Bolaño’s translator Chris Andrews. I’ve read the introduction and the first three chapters so far, and the study, far from being dry and academic, compels me to dig deeper. 463 more words


A Dying 'Tradition'

Finding myself pushed, I realise that I must ‘out’ myself… I am… a critical theorist. In fact, more than that, I am a poststructuralist.

The current fashion in critique of postmodernism is, in my view, not only lazy and at times quite obviously self-serving – the need to say-something-new, … 49 more words


Critical Theory Defined: Alienation

Alienation, much like many of the terms used in critical theory, is principally found in the work of Marx. Although made famous by Marx in his economic theories and his critique of the way in which human relations are socially constructed by material conditions produced by capital, the term itself can be seen within a Hegelian context. 700 more words

Critical Theory

(More) Race, class, and gender in wine writing

Eminent wine blogger Tom Wark is being provocative again (if you know Tom, I’ll wait for your shock and awe to subside, and if you don’t know Tom, that was sarcasm) and poking at several attendees’ comments that speakers at the recent 2014 North American Wine Bloggers Conference* were overwhelmingly male. 140 more words

Tom Wark