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The Sex Revolts

As I said the first time we met, this is a Philosophy course only thinly disguised as a Music course. In fact I sometimes refer to it as the Music course, because it allows me to think I’m doing something different, that this is not your typical Philosophy course. 2,134 more words

Critical Theory

Connectivities...an experiment in collaborative thinking and writing

Connecting over connectivities

Over the next few days, I want to try a short experiment to test out our nascent Critical Physiotherapy Network and see just how powerful this social networking business really could be. 495 more words


Digital Alienation 5

Generalising Absence

Digitalisation is the daily experience of capitalism’s core alienation: the absence of strong, autonomous presence in people and relationships, and the often palpable presence of absence in people and relationships. 989 more words

Social Change

Lefebvre on "New Urbanism"

From Henri Lefebvre’s  La Droit a la ville (Right to the City) (1968):

The planning of men of good will (architects and writers). Their thinking and projects imply a certain philosophy.

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The Tragedy of Inside & Outside "the Box" Thinking

I am not a proponent of “outside the box” thinking, nor am I a proponent for groupthink or “standard thought.” If there has been a constant in my performance improvement and innovation learning experience, it is the use of this dialectic to encourage creative thinking. 540 more words

Learning Opportunities

The Prisoner of Azkaban (Year Three)


And here we are after a few days in Wales…in year 3 of the PhD.  Oh. My. Grud.  Where has the time gone?  It only seems like a few months ago i was sitting in the conservatory wading through a pile of books on media theory in the last throws of a glorious summer/e.autumn – where as today I was… 591 more words