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in which i respond to matt walsh's comments on the michael brown case

This post comes in response to an article posted by one of my Facebook friends. Since my response turned out to be so long, I thought it better to just post it to my blog. 1,418 more words


Damian WHITE (1995-2000): 101 on the roll call.

Damian WHITE (PhD 1995-2000). Taught Sociology at East London and Goldsmiths after Essex. Then headed off to the USA.

5 years at James Madison University in Virginia. 202 more words


Harman and the True Object.

The question is no longer that of Being, for Heidegger has destroyed being, like a forensic analysis of material. Being was viable so long as there was a dialectic whereby reality could be based upon its one vision through the oscillating features held from one another, like a binary star. 1,054 more words

#Gamergate #Writing The Difference Between Crit, Crit & Crit

One of the most common spurious defences against #Gamergate’s appropriate concerns about censorship is to dismiss those concerns as ‘Criticism isn’t censorship’. Now, technically, that is true, but the trouble is that what most people understand by ‘criticism’ is now what your ‘SJW’ means by it. 852 more words


Teaching Outrage

In my course on reading popular culture, I spend several weeks teaching students how to discern the ideologies at work in popular culture texts, focusing each week on a particular reading method.   739 more words

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