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[8 - ‘As if’: Nightwood’s Modern Failure as Postmodern Deferral]

Djuna Barnes’ Nightwood defies brief summary, but might similar to drinking absinthe and walking through a dreamlike version of early 20th century Paris, wandering from bar to bar, simultaneously searching for an avoiding what makes you happy. 1,500 more words

Critical Theory


This website was just created today (1/26/2015). This site will critically interrogate the sociological underpinnings of bipolar disorders and other mental health issues. The BOTTOM LINE, today’s mental health system does not take social factor into consideration as much as they should (obviously my opinion). 19 more words

Bipolar Disorder

The Pyramid Aesthetics, Four Stages of Artistic Development

This essay is meant as a personal history of my own aesthetic narrative, as I would imagine it to be for artists in general. In essence, I will be attempting to explain my experience of developing a creative process through the larger context of what it means to be an artist. 1,181 more words



Hannah Arendt was Heidegger’s student. They had a sick and twisted love affair (mostly because of Heidegger. The creep.). Besides that, her writings on power are fascinating and brilliant.


Video: Champagne socialist Owen Jones fawning over Marx + Marx quotes + Frankfurt school

If Karl, instead of writing a lot about Capital, had made a lot of Capital, it would have been much better. ~ Henriette Marx, his mother.

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Critical Theory and an Interdisciplinary Philosophy

Wouldn’t  it to be an interesting question for a social media game among academic philosophers to ask them the first and last book read during their studies? 1,073 more words


On Barthes's "From Work to Text"

Roland Barthes was a prolific and important academic literary critic in the mid 20th century. He published many books, but his most famous are probably… 522 more words