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Finding Balance in your life

In each of our lives balance can be difficult to achieve, something which nature seems to accomplish quite easily; but then she’s had many millennium to practice. 250 more words

Why I Love


Firearms purchases are few and far at our place. For relationships where one persons interest is on the low end, I’ve come to find out a single firearm for self defense is completion for them. 1,156 more words

Critical Thinking




Indirect paths to critical thinking

This topic: “Explore possibilities of using critical thinking to develop empathy in trying to understand alternate perspectives and behaviors in areas of culture (politics, education, social movements) where polarization exists and tends to push ideas and people to extreme opposing sides” led me to begin to: 663 more words

Group Process

What is a "Read" ?

In a recent email from The Vocabula Review (Robert Hartwell Fiske) I received the strong admonishment that anyone using the word “read” as a noun (as in “It was a good read.”) was possibly causing the first brick to fall from the edifice of civilization. 397 more words