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Boehner’s frivolous lawsuit against Obama

There is a great deal of discussion of this unprecedented lawsuit being entered into by the Republicans in the House of Representatives against the President of the United States. 606 more words


Journey #3: Opinions with strong priors

The next entry in my journal… Also from February, 2014. As you can see, I was still a believer at this point. FYI… a “ 359 more words

Critical Thinking

Analogies In the News

I’m not prepared to declare my support for any of the often deadly factions seeking to make changes to the lives of the peoples living in what used to be called the Near East, but a terribly unbalanced conflict is killing innocent people in Gaza and it must be stopped. 96 more words


Journey #2: Critical thinking led to a change in how I view others

I wrote the following in my journal in February 2014, after my commitment to be open to new ideas and think critically:


I noticed the last few days that I feel more interested in other people, more kind, more loving. 197 more words

Critical Thinking

The academic as authority figure

Sheila Trahar makes some interesting comments on the social and cultural responsibilities attached to teaching students who perceive the academic as an authority figure. She writes: 465 more words

Social And Political Contexts

Thinking About Thinking 1

The study of philosophy – whether as an academic discipline, or the individually engaged pursuit of wisdom – has often been called “thinking about thinking.” This is a fairly vacuous description, not because it is wrong, but because it is so egregiously vague as to provide nothing beyond a comfortingly information-free verbalization that does not require us to attend to even a fourth word. 1,204 more words

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