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Joseph Heath: The new nationalism

In the fall of 1970, Canadian prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau found himself facing a dilemma. Prior to entering politics, he was best known as a forceful champion of Canadian federalism against the rising tide of Quebec separatism. 1,405 more words

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Funny You Should Think That! (a show of comedy, reason, and alcohol)

What are you doing the evening of April 27? Looking for laughter and critical thinking?

A show of comedy, reason, and alcohol. FUNNY YOU SHOULD THINK THAT is a monthly event (intelligently) designed to make you laugh and think. 75 more words


Search of the week: "how do i know if the hummingbirds are to fat"

When they can’t get off the ground.

Seriously, a wild, free-living hummingbird can’t get too fat. Fat is fuel for migration, and they pack on the grams as necessary to prepare for travel and shed them just as quickly when the journey is over.


A Synopsis of Some Stuff, at a Period In Time

To quote a great philosopher:
“Get your popcorn ready” – Terrell Owens

By the end of this year, I’ll have done two meaningful things in my adult career: 3,010 more words


Filled Pages: Thoughts from This Morning's Gatherings

It appears that we are off to a good start in our community gatherings and I see a number of groups beginning to solidify into their identity. 610 more words

Critical Thinking

Goodbye LLED, Hello TeachingtoInfinityandBeyond

Now that finals are creeping up, summer is right around the corner! It is weird to think that I will be ending my junior year and moving towards my LAST year as an undergraduate. 377 more words

Thinking Critically

Recently, I have spent a lot of time thinking about the relevancy of Christians, and the roles of the church as we know them. More importantly how relevant or irrelevant do we become in places like social media, and the roles we play at church on Sunday. 448 more words