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Why I'm Fascinated by Ancient History

How History and Speculative Fiction Intersect

My parents are both historians—they each earned advanced degrees in the subject. Both of them focus primarily on the period of the World Wars in the early 20th century, and the latter half of the nineteenth century when the groundwork was laid for what historians term the Modern Era. 683 more words

Critical Thought

In the Interim Check out These Videos...

Comrades, I’m working on a piece right now that is seeming to take longer than I thought. So, in the interim I want to share the following videos with you. 123 more words

The Downfall of Critical Thinking

Critical thinkers are born through the realisation that life is a disillusion, and that the process of self- deception is in fact our unconscious method of human extinction.  289 more words

Somebody Help Those Books...

This week, I’d like to spend a moment addressing something that’s one of my wife’s pet peeves.  It’s struck me, as well; I don’t think I feel it quite as sharply, though.  344 more words


What I Got They Used to Call the Blues…

I find myself quite saddened by the suicide of Robin Williams. Part of me can’t help but think if our society was just a little more enlightened about depression, it wouldn’t have had to happen. 808 more words

Stop Calling It a "Bookless" Library

In his critique of the new “bookless” library in Texas, Adam Feldman states the essential value of libraries and librarians better than I’ve ever been able to: 211 more words


As the Tally Increases

This is going to be a little raw and unstructured, but, why can’t we all not sleep? Why doesn’t this tally of death keep us awake at night? 574 more words

The Struggle