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What are the chances?

It has been some time since my last post, and I assume that I must appear as a spectre to you viewers. However, I am back, and I would like to open up about myself to you all. 544 more words



Okay, I said we were going to talk responsibilities this week.  I’ve got a couple I’d like to outline, just to get the ball rolling… 494 more words


Thoughts On Automated Recommendation Services for Libraries

Librarians talk off and on about the need for us to offer Netflix / Amazon-style automated recommendations for our patrons. It seems almost self-evident that this is something patrons have come to expect. 791 more words



Okay, I’m not talking about any of the latest far-right natterings.  I mean actual tools.  Hand tools.  Power tools.  “Toys.”

An important set of skills on the homestead involve fixing things when they break.  656 more words

Critical Thought

A New Subject?

By Labelling as heresy all views of which it disapproved the Church successfully passed off its orthodoxy as a unique scale for weighing the true meaning of words, beings, and things.

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The Wretched

I think there’s something special about double albums. I have to admit I find myself drawn towards them, usually for reasons I don’t quite understand. 928 more words

Critical Thought

Bucket Review

So, my wife got a discount coupon for a “72-hour emergency kit,” and we decided to go with it, so I could review it here.  “For science.”  Here we go: 1,144 more words