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Timestamp #27: The War Machines

Doctor Who: The War Machines
(4 episodes, s03e42-e45, 1966)

Between this and The Gunfighters, there have been some new style choices for the opening titles. 507 more words


Timestamp #26: The Savages

Doctor Who: The Savages
(4 episodes, s03e38-e41, 1966)

This serial kicks off with the Doctor pulling out his scientific tools again, and it’s good to see the him getting back to the exploits that we started Hartnell’s run with. 266 more words


Timestamp #25: The Gunfighters

Doctor Who: The Gunfighters
(4 episodes, s03e34-e37, 1966)

“Oh my dear Dodo, my dear Dodo. You know, you’re fast becoming a prey to every cliché-ridden convention in the American West.” 203 more words


Timestamp #24: The Celestial Toymaker

Doctor Who: The Celestial Toymaker
(4 episodes, s03e30-e33, 1966)

As I watched The Celestial Toymaker, I realized that this serial was probably better when it was originally aired. 277 more words


On Diversity in Entertainment

Bond can be black. The Doctor can be a woman. Spider-Man can be Hispanic. White guys have seen enough of themselves, dontcha think?

— Chuck Wendig (@ChuckWendig) …

12 more words

Timestamp #23: The Ark

Doctor Who: The Ark
(4 episodes, s03e26-e29, 1966)

When we finally get introduced to the main story, it was with a prisoner being miniaturized for his crimes. 519 more words


Timestamp #22: The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve

Doctor Who: The Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Eve
(4 episodes, s03e22-e25, 1966)

It’s a new adventure, this time in a straightforward story set in the middle of the rivalry between the Catholics and the Protestants. 185 more words