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Beyonce Posts A Big Ass Response To Photoshop Critics. In Your Face Haters!!

Goddess Beyonce must be oblivious to the struggle we mere mortals are having processing her sacred picture with the melting stair…because Mama Blue felt we hadn’t a mouthful and gave us more.. 42 more words

Celeb Gist

Nurturing Thursday 58

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My theme for today is all about being your authentic self, ignoring that cranky inner critic and celebrating who you are ~ I will if you will. 95 more words


Let's play catch up!

I decided I didn’t want to be angry anymore. Life’s too short to worry about what other people think. When it comes to my life the only thing that matters is what I think. 357 more words

My Dull, Uneventful Life?

So I was just looking at what posts got the most amount of views since I started this blog and the one with the most amount of hits doesn’t surprise me.  56 more words


How to cope with criticism

Criticism hurts, even when it’s justified. The first thing to do when you feel you’ve been criticized is to think carefully about whether the criticism is justified or just a gratuitous insult. 154 more words


Holocaust Belief and Denial

This post tells the story of my inquiry into the Holocaust. The Summary presents the key points. The long discussion following the summary may be of interest to (a) those who would like to gain a little more depth and (b) those who are already knowledgeable about the Holocaust and would like to know more about the impressions they are making. 33,867 more words

Failure or life lesson?

Greetings again, my friends. Ever have a grand idea that has not seen the light of creation? I’ve had millions of ideas but the reason these weren’t followed through was the possibility I would fail. 331 more words

Positive Thinking