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The Correct Word

“The night was sultry.” Throw Momma From The Train

As a writer, a teacher of writing, and a sometimes translator, I spend a lot of my time looking for the right word. 625 more words


Stealth Class Warfare: A Marxist Critique of Dishonored

Introduction: this is a paper I wrote for a class, which will explain its relative lack of tigerly finesse, that certain indecipherable dash of special I add to all the work I publish here. 2,136 more words



Why do we automatically hear, and dwell, on one negative comment that is mixed into a positive critique? Why is it SO EASY to believe the bad, and ignore the good? 234 more words

A caricature study of the generous reader

The question of how we read a text is crucial in the post-existentialist world consciousness. A thinker must know what sort of a reader she is, in — what is effectively — a metaphysical optometry. 759 more words



“The expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes”.

I have never been the best at taking criticism and I have always hated hearing, “It’s just a little constructive criticism”.

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How To Receive And Overcome Criticism

When we think of criticism. We almost treat it like a dirty word. It isn’t hard to say, we don’t get embarrassed by saying. But we naturally feel that whatever is associated with the word “criticism” is going to be bad. 1,856 more words


the absolute morality judgement board

People recognize that *if* there is a right and wrong they want to live rightly. If there is a God who judges us then they want to know they acted rationally in light of what we know to face of that judgment.

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