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Words I Use Far Too Much

Below is a list of words that I use WAY too much; these are words that I really must endeavour to stop using so frequently…. 48 more words

Dealing with Criticism: A Calvin and Hobbes Lesson

For most of us, improving our skills at dealing with criticism takes some practice.  If we do this in a safe situation in which we will not expose ourselves to potential embarrassment, we can think more clearly about what is going on.   1,355 more words


Say It To My Face

Recently, Jimmy Fallon had a hilarious idea on The Tonight Show to invite New Yorkers they met on the streets to jeer at a picture of Robinson Cano. 702 more words


#4 - Criticize People, but Don't Offend

1. I have made the same mistake myself.

This never fails to improve the situation. Even if it is not true, you can soften your criticism by saying things like “I have made the same mistake myself…” “In your situation I would have done the same thing, but…” 153 more words


Day 204: Criticism and This Face

I received my first hard hitting, knife straight through the heart, piece of criticism about my writing. I read it. Then I reread it and then I reread it again. 537 more words


2 Months and 12 Days

I had a really bad improv class this week. I was so hard on myself and got hyper-defensive when my teacher would call me on how I would get upset when I messed up. 997 more words

'Greasy Lake' by T. Coraghessan Boyle

Greasy Lake by T. Coraghessan Boyle, 1985

The magic trick:

Making it clear in the beginning that the narrator and friends were phony tough guys… 312 more words