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42. (John Berryman)

For whom, among those who turn and return to literature, is the memory of adolescent boredom not fresh? Probably it is not a coincidence that many find poetry worth reading, seeking out, for the first time is adolescence, when that sense of monotony and flatness is richest and most sweltering; those who do not find much interest in poetry might be the ones who find it most easily in the other parts of life, on terms of their own. 839 more words

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A Martial Artist's Approach to Critique Groups

The dojo taught us many things, not the least of which was how to get the most out of a group. We knew ourselves and the people we trained with very well. 815 more words

Adventures With Humans


I am sure we all have that one time when we have been criticized and justifiably so for one of our shortcomings. While we initially feel bad receiving the brickbats, I am sure all of us realize that such criticism, especially when it is constructive in nature can really help us in the long run. 13 more words

Jairam @ Mahabore

Working Draft (Again, Opinions Needed + Appreciated)

I am sitting in my final Journalism tutorial and we have been encouraged to post working drafts and also informed that, due to high demand, tutors will most likely not be able to provide feedback on everybody’s story. 790 more words


A new adventure!

Well this is exciting, isn’t it? A bright and brilliant new blog! After the untimely destruction of my last blog, I decided the time was right to get cracking on some new writing. 1,181 more words

Book Review

What to do when you get negative feedback

This is life, and let’s faces it we are never going to hear exactly what we want at all times, ESPECIALLY when it comes to feedback. 520 more words

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