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The Significance of Symbolism

Keiko Dilbeck’s critical analysis, “Symbolic Representation of Identity in Hurtson’s Their Eyes Were Watching God” expands on the use of symbolism in Zora Neale Hurston’s novel. 625 more words


Momoiro Clover Z - "Yume no Ukiyo ni Saitemina" PV

This is nice. The last time I wrote anything about Momoiro Clover Z was … well, never. Although I really enjoyed most of the group’s early releases, I haven’t written anything about the groups releases in the last 2+ years. 828 more words


Artist and Critic: a Question of Authority: Art as an Event

From This Space, Nicholas Murray, in a comment on Steven Mitchelmore’s post,  Some thoughts on the death of criticism: (From Jacob Russell’s Barking Dog, 2007) 850 more words


The Pyramid Aesthetics, Four Stages of Artistic Development

This essay is meant as a personal history of my own aesthetic narrative, as I would imagine it to be for artists in general. In essence, I will be attempting to explain my experience of developing a creative process through the larger context of what it means to be an artist. 1,181 more words


57 Twitter Size Film Reviews (6-14-14 to 1-26-15)

This is my fifth set of twitter movie reviews. Over the holiday break I got into a serious loop of watching barely remembered movies from the ’70s, so there are a bunch of those in this batch. 1,225 more words


Advice vs. Criticism

Quite often clients and potential clients, and those who are entering the field of music PR, ask for my advice. Without fail, 99% of the time there are reasons and excuses (mostly the latter) why the advice they’ve solicited won’t work. 519 more words


Paradigm Shift

I don’t know when it happened.  Or why it happened.  But I think it’s a good thing?

I started a new job last week.  I’m still “online dating”.   758 more words

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