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Equal Opportunity Violence... Not!

I’ve been reading a mostly delightful new book on the history of horror lately, but I have to quibble with the author’s constant arguing against the fact that slasher movies do glamorize violence against women, mainly by “punishing” them for stepping out of line, either by having (and enjoying) sex or for some other offense like being somehow “unfeminine.”  And don’t just brush me away as a barefoot feminist critic– George Gerbner the Communication scholar noted in his study of TV that characters outside the dominant group who step out of their box (women, the elderly, and racial minorities) are disproportionately likely to be punished by an attractive white male for their sins. 664 more words


Blank pages...

is both the absence
and the presence of everything.
Blank pages, perfect chances
to create new



#BloggerYes Q&A Part II: A Conversation with Rose, the Book Blogger

Part II of my special series of posts in participating with #BloggerYes and #BloggerBlackout.  Today’s series of questions kind of trace my roots as a reader and shapes my identity – personally – as an aspiring writer.   1,692 more words


Black Skins, White Masks

Some wise words from Franz Fanon…

“Hate is not inborn; it has to be constantly cultivated, to be brought into being, in conflict with more or less recognised guilt complexes. 25 more words

Writing Back

A Debate Judged By Hume Between Kant, Winckelmann, Fry, and Kimel On Art and Beauty, Part 2

Kant: Oh no you didn’t, Fry. Get ready to be schooled. If it weren’t for the God damned Nazi at the door, I would be considered the greatest thinker of all time. 1,014 more words


Brian Urlacher Comments on Jay Cutler, Leadership

The Chicago Bears are a team in turmoil after their Week 7 loss to the Miami Dolphins, and legendary linebacker Brian Urlacher has no shortage of opinions regarding why that is. 341 more words