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There is no formula for good criticism, but criticism (by which I really mean valuation) always benefits from its ability to make obvious what characteristics make a certain thing better or worse than another thing, and in order to do so it generally relies on some kind of conceptual construction, a theory, that abstractly describes the totality of things to be evaluated, and to which all possible characteristics comport themselves. 816 more words


Soul Searching: Rediscovering My Roots as a Book Blogger

To say the understatement of the century, it’s been a rough several days in the land of BookBloggerville.  One could say there’s little to no joy here given what Kathleen Hale, author of “No One Else Can Have You”, did to a book blogger (who is now no longer blogging) in terms of crossing many personal (and legal!) boundaries.   1,505 more words


What I thought of The Multiversity: The Just

Thoughts about The Multiversity #1 and Society of Super Heroes.

Hiding behind a quite clever Heat type cover treating superheroes as celebrities is the latest in Grant Morrison’s story of alternate Earth’s in DC’s ‘New 52′ multiverse. 492 more words


At Least the Second Half of the Season Looks Exciting: “Faking It” 2×5 – “Present Tense”

This week on Faking It, Karma turned sixteen, which is hilarious, because I had no idea these characters were supposed to be that young. They certainly don’t look it. 2,271 more words


What I thought of Godzilla: Cataclysm #3

Thoughts about #1 and #2.

A Godzilla comic should start with BIG MONSTERS TWATTING EACH OTHER, and not talking as if this is an issue of… 88 more words


the fine line in intolerant extremism

It’s interesting to note the fine line that exists between the ranting extremists on two sides of the same fence. Take the ranty, irrational Christian versus the ranty, irrational atheist. 213 more words


When Somebody Rebukes Me

By Peter Wesson

I hate being criticized or rebuked in anyway.  As a preacher, I have been the recipient of my fair share (or, as I often felt at the time, unfair share!) of both, along with the usual amount that comes with just being human.  675 more words