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For He is Pleased with Me

Recently as part of an exercise for training I have to do as a volunteer, I had to ask a few people about my strengths and weaknesses. 526 more words


Mislabeling honest acts

Vicky Kramer
Staff Writer


Is there a difference between rudeness and honesty? According to any dictionary, they hold two very different definitions. Something that is rude is described as a deliberate act that is intentionally impolite. 405 more words


The Inner Critic: Worse or Better than a Real Critic?

Recently I was required to sign a document that states that I understand that my current job is supposed to be my main means of employment. 449 more words


I'm "All About That Bass" and here's why

I was driving to San Juan the first time I heard this catchy tune.  I was sure it was the artist’s first single because I was not familiar with her voice.   647 more words


Glitch Aesthetics

Below is the entry on “Glitch Aesthetics” I wrote for the Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media.” As always, so much more could have been and should be written… 1,072 more words


Admittedly Liam Is Less Horrible Than Edward Cullen: “Faking It” 2×2 – “You Can't Handle the Truth or Dare”

This episode of Faking It felt like it was mostly filler, which is worrying because the season is only ten twenty-minute episodes. The two main plots are Shane and Liam fighting and hanging out with some new dude, and Karma and Amy being awkward and having a slumber party with Lauren and her two lackeys. 1,938 more words


What I thought of Masterplasty #1

James Harvey is a name I’d not heard of before seeing Masterplasty while skimming through the new releases on Comixology, After this, it’s a name I’ll be paying attention to because… 341 more words