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This Guy's the Worst

I remember about a year ago I went to Zeno’s first open-mic and bombed so hard that one of the comedians actually said to half the room, “This guy’s the worst.” And they were right, nothing that I said was funny and I’m pretty sure that the host, Tom Plute, never wanted me back. 71 more words


Echo Chamber

Today we can choose how we receive our information.

We can choose who we follow on twitter. We can choose what news stations we watch. And we get to choose where and when we consume that information; on the go with smart phones or tablets, at home front of the TV, through conversations we have. 519 more words


The Actual (i.e. My) Kanye West Album Track Ranking

I’ve wanted to branch out from just writing about Buffalo to more pop culture criticism-type stuff for a while now, and I can’t think of a better place to start than a retort to… 2,265 more words

808s And Heartbreak

Moving Words, Forms of English Poetry by Derek Attridge (OUP)

‘What we mean by the power of poetry is itself far from clear. For a particular reader, caught in the contingencies of space and time, and guided by expectation, training, and ideology, only a few poems, perhaps, will seduce or explode with that full force of which poetry is capable; but those that do so pose a challenge to our accounts of language, of meaning, and of action that we are a long way from meeting.’ 451 more words


Once Upon a Bait-and-Switch

I want to point to this recent Peter David post only to acknowledge it as sparking inspiration. Before that goes anywhere, though: this isn’t a response to David’s point, but I didn’t want to pretend this particular post sprang out of thin air. 1,211 more words

This Is Not A Culture Blog

Draft 2 – Representation

Every text has different approaches when it is being formed. Let us say that texts is a sculpture, there is some process which we called carving that turn the raw material into that art. 618 more words

Praise is nice, but it's criticism that really helps

I submitted Henchmen to Creativity Hacker’s Immerse or Die Challenge, a challenge whereby Jefferson Smith reads a book while he’s on the treadmill.  It didn’t go so well for me, but at least he didn’t shred me. 120 more words