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Quentin and Me

A tale of a budding English major, a literary encounter, and the meaning of stasis

During my freshman year of college—a time of less cynicism and more youthful curiosity, if you will—I had the pleasure of reading… 906 more words


When the Game Stands Tall

There’s nothing that gets to me easier than a movie about high school football. It is surprisingly difficult to actually screw up one of these. Sure, the critics can say what they want. 810 more words


Psychic armor for the digital age

In just five minutes this morning, these were three things that popped up on my Facebook feed. I’m paraphrasing, but this was the gist of it: 886 more words

Mental Health

Wallpaper Art

If you wallpapered your living room with the Mona Lisa, would it look like art? In my opinion: no. The context of an artwork, the church-like hush of a museum, is as significant in our respect of it as the quality of the piece itself. 952 more words


Frankenstein, MD: Web Series for Nerds

 If you’ve been on the internet recently you might have noticed a web series called Frankenstein, MD appear on YouTube. In the fashion of the Lizzie Bennett Diaries, Frankenstein, MD features a modern day rendering of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. 507 more words

Red Pen, Green Ink: Softening the editorial punch

I’m sitting in a coffee shop rereading this manuscript and wondering if I’ll really be able to be kind.  I keep reminding myself that this is a man’s memoirs (even if he’s trying to bill it as something else) and you can’t go around punching people in the gut, even if you’re being paid for it.   866 more words


Lessons from Air Force Officers - 01

My youngest son recently received a commission to become an Air Force Officer. He started his training and has been sharing with me many of the things he is experiencing. 406 more words