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Sabotage (spoilers)

I pretty much liked it, but I had ideas for improvement. (Imdb) It’s about a DEA special ops crew in trouble after robbing a cartel safe house. 603 more words


Women and Advertising is Pissing Me Off

Don’t get shit twisted, women delving into the previously male-dominated world of marketing and advertising is a pretty awesome feat, especially since dudes love to talk about female needs as if—you know, they were chicks themselves. 263 more words

The Things I Write

Not A Taste Test

TWWK at Beneath the Tangles pointed out this article at Christ and Pop Culture as something I might be interested in. I am, but I had to think about my reaction to it some. 2,243 more words

Sketch 3

I must be careful lifting you out of bed. Painkillers dull constant pain, but sudden shocks can still break through. You are weak, and need help with each step. 520 more words


Changing Society Together

Not Sorry | #ShineStrong Pantene - YouTube

I have always been confused on the actual definition of feminism. After taking a “Women’s Studies” class at college, I thought I would get a better grasp on the whole meaning of feminism and what all it entails. 415 more words

Be Happy

What are your favorite “guilty pleasure” shows?

Here’s a crazy idea. What if theater journalists wrote about shows the same way TV recappers chat, or the way friends talk about their favorite art? 1,647 more words


Lessons in Life

One of the most valuable lessons I learned, at a very early age, was how to deal with opinions expressed about me by other people. If someone praised me or something I did, I learned to look critically at myself or the deed to see if there was any merit in what they said. 253 more words