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This Isn't Advice, and You Shouldn't Take It

I do not write an advice column.

I don’t want to be a life coach, I don’t think I’m smart and I don’t believe people’s lives will be better if they act like me. 1,895 more words

Being Human

Don't Compare

“Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20.” 

~ Unknown 

What's the Role of a Critic?

Critics can tell us how they perceive a work of art (from books, to movies, to TV shows, to art, you name it). They can lay out well-reasoned arguments, detailing patterns they’ve noticed in such-and-such industry today (as in Emily Nussbaum’s “ 383 more words

Writing For Publication


Ketszer lattam, es nem szeretnem tobbet megnezni, legalabb is egyedul nem latom ertelmet, baratommal fogom:) Nem azert mert nem tetszett, epp ellenkezoleg, szerintem zsenialis film, csak ha egyszer feny derul a megoldasra, masodszor mar nem annyira izgalmas es nem varod kivancsian, mi is folyik ott, mi lesz a vege, nem tudja masodszor lekotni a figyelmed ha egyedul nezed, mert bar nem emlekezhetsz minden mozdulatra, mar tudod a megfejtest. 94 more words


The Movie Critic

If you like movies, you probably read reviews and you may wonder, “What does being a movie critic mean?”

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a… 614 more words

monster's grief


Hey, I’m Vickers and I’m depressed
I went from bragging that I’m the best
To producers being never impressed
With my raps,I’m looked upon as a pest… 337 more words

Two for Tuesday

Here’s a fun article about the kinds of horror-erotica (horrotica?) you can find on Kindle. From lycans (werewolves) to alien impregnation, if you’re searching for something kinkyscary… it’s out there. 109 more words