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MAC and me

First of all : Happy Easter everyone! I hope you ate a lot of crap and feel bad about yourself now (I know I do but it was so worth it!). 325 more words


Funny Games (1997): Beranikah Anda Menontonnya? 2 (Review)

Ini merupakan bagian kedua dari ulasan saya tentang Funny Games (1997). Bagian pertama tulisan saya adalah sinopsisnya, di mana Anda dapat berhenti membaca di bagian mana pun, karena saya membocorkan jalan ceritanya sampai akhir. 1,371 more words


'Mrs. Doubtfire's' Mara Wilson Fires Back at Critics

The just-announced Mrs. Doubtfire sequel won t feature a full cast reunion. Mara Wilson, who played Robin Williams and Sally Field s young daughter Natalie Hillard, has announced she has no desire to return for a second  Although Mara Wilson may not be innerested in returning to do a Mrs. 126 more words

'Mrs. Doubtfire's' Mara Wilson Fires Back at Critics

Mrs. Doubtfire may be getting a sequel but don t expect to see Mara Wilson, who played adorable Nattie, popping up in the follow-up. The just-announced Mrs. 145 more words

My critics...

“I truly admire those who criticize me for my WRONGS than those who appreciate me for my RIGHTS.   My critics and their input which is vital for my growth.

Zara wisdom.

Lane on Culpability

In Four Views: Divine Providence, William Craig Lane lists why fatalism makes God responsible for evil:

If it is evil to make another person do wrong, then in this view God not only is the cause of sin and evil, but he becomes evil himself, which is absurd.

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My opinion on Modi's words: Hang me in streets if I'm guilty but no apology

You people got rights to praise the article as well as to criticize the article. Here I assert one thing, this article will support the BJP prime minister candidate Narendra Modi. 250 more words