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four legs good, two legs bad: an argument for why animal farm is superior to nineteen eighty-four

I think it’s safe to say that George Orwell is one of the most renowned English-language writers of the twentieth century. Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four… 1,677 more words


MockingHate: Negativity, Click Bait, and Media Strategy

District 13 isn’t the only only coming up with a plan when it comes to Mockingjay Part 1.

If you’re on the Internet on a regular basis, you’ve probably heard the term… 999 more words


INFIDEL SHAMBLES – “BLUE JASMINE” Woody Allen (2013) film review

It is Woody Allen’s 48th film as a director and after winning 4 Academy Awards, it is my question what he can possibly do new in his stories? 177 more words

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thriller or tickle?

Anabelle is a horror movie that narrates the origin story of the satanic doll in the famous horror movie ‘THE CONJURING.” Many people are confused on why the story of the doll used in a movie came later than the said movie. 215 more words


Thoughts on A Poetry Handbook + Free Verse

Dear World,

This week, Mary Oliver taught me something interesting about free-verse poetry in her book, A Poetry Handbook. She taught me that free verse is still at the beginning stages. 665 more words



I love how Norman Rockwell has become a byword
For mediocre painters
Who perpetuated the myth
Of some idealistically pure America

And yet, his work was… 35 more words

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