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Elements of Critique: Nuance

My eight year old is in a phase where he starts every story with “It’s funny because…”

He loves to make us laugh, and I wonder if he thinks that warning us like a verbal cue card will elicit the reaction he seeks. 786 more words


Elements of Critique: Meaning

In my work community, The Princess Bride holds an honored place in our geeky hearts. This often results in quotes at best, and renditions of entire scenes at worst. 649 more words


April #writemotivation check in

Many of the people I follow are participating in the A to Z challenge this month, so I expect they are plenty busy with this insanity right about now. 548 more words


Elements of Critique: Keep

When my daughter was about 3, she came up with a phrase she’d say whenever she hugged me tight and refused to let go:

“You are my keep!” 468 more words


Lay Lady Lay...

I drove JC, my critique partner, crazy this week with one little verb. She’s also my daughter, so it’s okay. In fact, it felt good to rankle her spirits. 255 more words

Writing Life

Elements of Critique: Hooks

“It’s only 3 AM. Just one more chapter…”

I can’t count how many times I’ve looked at my watch or the clock in the middle of the night and justified reading the next chapter of a good book. 839 more words


Elements of Critique: Ending

During our time on Okinawa, my wife and I had a favorite date-night restaurant. Palm Springs was situated in a large round ring on the seventh floor of a building overlooking a nearby Marine Corps camp. 927 more words