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Paula’s Post #85

While I’ve been dithering, (trying to decide whether the laborious process of deconstructing a novel is a waste of time when we should be writing), a healthy majority of my hardworking 5writer colleagues have been doing just that. 469 more words

Just popping in

I’ve been incredibly busy since last week. I had a house full of company until mid day Sunday. Today was a busy work day.

After work, I went directly to my critique group. 174 more words


Guest Blogger - Connie Campbell Berry: Is A Critique Group Right for You?

Is A Critique Group Right For You? by Connie Campbell Berry

You’ve spent months alone with your characters. The setting of your novel is more real to you than your hometown. 822 more words

Author's Thoughts

Commas Are Good

I write stuff. I re-write stuff. Then I take the stuff to a critique group of fellow writers. They write stuff and do the same. We encourage and help each other. 67 more words

When It's Time to Mingle: Improve Your Writing by Joining a Critique Group

As writers, we often feel that being reclusive nurtures our inner world, the place from which we draw energy.

It’s true that often we writers must sequester ourselves in order to remain focused. 1,362 more words

Critique 101

Authors have a love/hate relationship with those who are willing to critique their work. We love the help, but as soon as we see those highlighted sections with comments, we have flashbacks of the English teacher with the bad breath who never seemed to look past that comma we forgot. 654 more words


Déja vu all over again

Silk’s Post #103 — I love new beginnings. For some people, the year begins on January 1. Others are in tune with Spring as a time of rebirth. 601 more words

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