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Time to start other projects

My critique group meets Friday afternoon. There are five of us, so I have four submissions to go over. Maybe I can do one every evening. 240 more words


looking for front stabbers

You trust someone, and then you’re stabbed in the back. Hurts, doesn’t it? Ever thought of inviting someone to stab you in the front? Sure, that’d hurt too. 435 more words


Sunday Sundaes

Critique group today at my house. It was fun to talk, share, laugh, eat good munchies and plan for future projects. Juli Alexander, Karen, Hall, Kate McKeever, Donna Wright and Carolynn Carey were all here.

Inked Voices

As those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know, I am a huge proponent of writers’ groups. I have participated in many of them over the years – both fabulous and awful – and I still believe in the power of a small group of fellow writers. 253 more words

Writers Group

A Shopping Interview Meeting Day

Today was a rather full day by my standards, which admittedly are pretty low. I got up early (well, earlier than I have been) and went grocery shopping. 548 more words

critique meeting, biking to group, goodbye hugs, Hazel's village

This morning my critique group met. We spent a while telling about recent life events and then discussed one person’s query letter and a scene I brought to share. 514 more words

Summer Learning

There has been some learning going on around here lately. Mom taught me the word, “Roll over.” It’s something like, “Down.” But more squiggly and flippy and thumpy and spinny. 213 more words

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