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Good Ears

This morning we did school despite a complete lack of interest on Jasper’s part. At least he’s willing to do it even when he’s not in the mood. 526 more words

An R-rated Post about Editing

Fair Warning: this post is nasty. If you like your editing like you like your Cards Against Humanity, then you’ve found your people.

I’ve often said my critique group (Lovingly referred to as the YA Cannibals) is my church. 1,093 more words

Jody Sparks

You call this a Blog?

I’m completely slacking off today. I tried to catch up with everyone’s blogs, but I’m sure I missed someone. I’ll try to catch up completely in the next day or two. 252 more words

Illusion and Critique

A bit of news in today’s post. First, since I told you all that my novel An Illusion of Trust was a finalist for a 2014 Best of the Independents eBook Award, I thought I should post an update. 386 more words


It’s a Back-to-School Writer Giveaway!

I know it’s difficult to think about, but in just a couple of weeks it’s time for the kids to go back to school!

But children and teens aren’t the only ones who need an education. 347 more words

Violence escalates between debating writer factions

Stillwater, Florida (AP) - The murder of Janice DeStoppalace put police detectives on high alert last week. Discovery of her body was worse than anyone expected, especially since the victim led such a quiet life. 700 more words

Mystery Writing 101