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4 Ways To Edit Your Book Back on Track

When you go back to edit, do you ever find your book has lost its way? Not sure what it is anymore? Too close to it to see it clearly? 285 more words


Confessions of an impatient writer

I hate waiting. I really do. When I want something, I want it to happen, and now, so I can go on to the next thing I want to happen. 372 more words

All About Me

Earnin' My Keep with My Critique Partner

The critique partner I mentioned in a recent post just sent me her manuscript the other day. This is something that I’ve read portions of before, but in other versions where her character had different beginnings, met a few different people, and was even narrated in a different perspective. 307 more words


What My Critique Partner Taught Me

I made leaps and bounds a year and a half ago when I decided I’d allow someone to come into my life, read my blood on paper, and give them the option to stab it a million times over with red pen. 316 more words


The critique partner - writing

Getting people to read your books isn’t always as easy as it sounds. It took me a long time (like years) to let go of work and let people look at it. 499 more words


Are your critiques as helpful as they could be?

By Jen Malone

Most writers describe the first draft as falling in love. We love our words, our concept, our characters. We have fallen asleep plotting their actions and woken up thinking of their worlds. 833 more words



I’m excited because my first critique partner is on the last two chapters of my book. After that it goes right to my second critique partner. 350 more words