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Over at Electric Literature, Lincoln Michel recently took on the much-repeated advice that you shouldn’t edit while you write, and it got me thinking about my own attitudes toward revision. 1,434 more words


Apocalyptic Imagery: The Sun Still Shines Even When We Are All Dead.

Apocalyptic films and T.V. shows make a number of projections and assumption about what post-apocalyptic or huge-human-extinction scale events might look like.  Our cultural and personal imaginary has a number of interesting tropes that tell us a lot about our assumptions concerning human life.   469 more words

Cultural Theory

How to Borrow from the News to Boost Your Credibility: The Power of Quotations

Here’s a tip from news articles we can use to our advantage: the liberal use of quotes from real people.

Could be experts, like doctors. 534 more words

How popular is that programming language?

TIOBE Software: Tiobe Index.

I was curious to see what the relative popularity of languages used by the dominant IaaS and PaaS clouds, e.g., CloudStack and Cloud Foundry. Useful to know.


Salvaging the First Draft

Hey there! We’ve got a pretty informative post for you today, regarding how to salvage your first draft. Hopefully you can pull something from this post and apply it to your own first drafts! 336 more words


Time to start other projects

My critique group meets Friday afternoon. There are five of us, so I have four submissions to go over. Maybe I can do one every evening. 240 more words


Perfect Movie/Perfect Film – A Film Review Philosophy

For a while now, I have labored laboriously trying to create a clear and precise grading system with detailed rules and objective criteria of judging for efforts in the big screen cinematic world. 979 more words