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N Is For NCIS - Spinoff, After Spinoff, After Spinoff

I used to love watching JAG (yes, this post is about NCIS, bare with me, people). It was interesting, engaging, had likable characters, and mostly smart story lines, specifically if you compared it with what was on television at that time.   475 more words

A To Z Challenge

One Nation Under God

This news report on Fox News’ “America Story” covers a common topic in America today: religion in America. The question is discussed if public schools should teach children in public schools what America was founded upon: the Bible. 570 more words


Buy or Bail - Hanami

This review is based on the first volume of series.  Spoilers through the first volume may be mentioned.

498 more words


A country’s culture and traditions expatriate with its people. Thus, there is a Chinatown in many major cities around the world; various versions of Little Italy can also be found in many places, as well as Irish Pubs and Turkish kebab houses. 894 more words


"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"

​Il fallait bien que je vois le film duquel tous les clichés de films westerns proviennent!

Le spaghetti western par excellence, ou du moins c’est ce que tous les experts prétendent, « The Good, the Bad and the Ugly » se passe durant la Guerre Civile dans un petit bled du Nouveau Mexique, un temps où les gens tentent de survivre. 403 more words


Critiquing Culture Critically

It is important for everyone to critically critique culture. But doing so wisely can be even more important for Christians.  Because we need to make correct assertions in a correct manner. 455 more words


Is There Any One Right Way to Critique Someone's Manuscript?

I have seen debate after debate about this on a writing site I belong to. Numerous threads popping up saying pet peeves of the critiques you have. 498 more words

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