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Writing That Scene: A Christmas Carol

In the format of a non-traditional critique, Writing that Scene examines the fundamentals of what it takes to capably convey a scene to one’s readers. The opinion expressed is my own, and other readers’ opinions may and will differ. 1,304 more words


Anonymous Book Review 5: The Back Cover

The back cover copy. So much detail. So… misleading. So… on-the-nose. So… ambiguous. So… all of it?

The back cover copy, a brief description designed to titillate the reader into forking over good money. 468 more words


USPIS: The Crown Jewel of the Law Enforcement System


Boyle and Peralta have some of the best buddy-buddy chemistry I’ve seen on TV.  Peralta is the “cool” leader, and Boyle is his weird sidekick.   175 more words


'Tis The Season For Mocking

This is why I avoid family, other than my own close family. You too, can avoid the criticism.


I Rode a Homemade Hoverboard!


One of the best scenes in “I Rode a Hoverboard!” was when Erica filmed Adam riding on his homemade hoverboard.  Adam clearly had a rope holding him up, but I must say, I was still impressed with their effort.   97 more words


Fall 2014 Best of Critique Quotes


“This is a Mr. Potato Head moment.” –Peter, in Tessa’s critique


“Is this naptime or blackout time?” –Brianna, in Maggie’s critique…

397 more words

"The Theory of Everything"

Il y a vraiment de ces films qui ont des prestations fortes et rien d’autre, « The Theory of Everything » est malheureusement de ceux-là. J’aurais préféré vous dire qu’il est meilleur à d’autres niveaux, hélas non! 616 more words