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Forgotten Masterpieces: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

“You want to know what I expected? Applause. I was only twenty years old then, I couldn’t see what it would look like to people. I was surprised, by what happened. 1,174 more words


The Writing Life: Developing a Thicker Skin

After I sold my first short story, every time I tried to write, I’d wind up staring at the blank screen until I gave up, often bursting into tears. 524 more words


Open Data Developments in Asia

Link: http://blog.okfn.org/2013/10/03/open-data-developments-in-asia/

I’m Asian so it’s awesome to read about openness in Asia! Below is a summary of the blog as well as a short critique I’ve written. 290 more words


Under the Microscope: The Travelers

Under the Microscope is the type of post where we dive into the first section of a story to dig out the nuts and bolts. The idea is to provide a learning experience based on the critiques and compliments that occur as a result. 1,618 more words


James Robertson: And the Land Lay Still

It’s a . . . strange book. Following several characters, several plots, several periods in time and taking place in several places . . . and nothing of this happens in a linear way, and it’s all interrelated, however tenuous the links often are. 40 more words


Writing a novel: where to start?

I suppose I’ve learned quite a lot about writing a novel over the past few years. A long time before that I learned how to write sentences and string them together into paragraphs that followed each other and made sense. 601 more words


Critique by Liv Dugford

I’ve been an artist since I can remember. Just recently started college, but once you’ve gotten through a couple of semesters you get the hang of things. 2,170 more words