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That's a bit critical

  1. expressing or involving an analysis of the merits and faults of a work of literature, music, or art.  

This morning Lucy Hammonds, Curator of Design Collections at the MTG shared her own insight with us into the business of being an artist and designer. 148 more words

Art + Design

Shout Out

I think it’s important to share the things that make your day a little brighter; and, lately, for me, it has been the posts made on Facebook by A Magazine: 341 more words


H.G. Wells: Kipps

Another disappointment. Allegedly Wells’ most successful novel, it is nowhere near the mastery of his History of Mr. Polly (published five years later). The theme – a poor shop assistant inheriting enough money to try and raise himself into the upper middle class – is promising, but the execution is mediocre. 127 more words


Iron Man 3

A video critique of the movie Iron Man 3. It has been done before and also should be included with the portfolio. Not much production has been done but here I criticize Iron Man 3’s horrible plot line as well as other things. 12 more words


KPOP and me - JYJ Just Us - A critique

Let me see, I didn’t like Valentine. But loved CREATION. Instead of telling you what I didn’t like, here are the ones I did like. LETTING GO, LET ME SEE, 2:30 AM, DEAR J, DAD YOU THERE?, & BABOBOY. 281 more words


Group Critique

The Day Met The Nite

These photos are really great and it looked like quite the spectacle on a beautiful summer day. It goes without saying that this artist is supremely talented, but you captured his work from some good angles and distances. 88 more words


Critique III

Hello everyone! My Name is Hailey Burns and I’m from Short Hills, New Jersey (just about 40 minutes out of the city). Today was another exhausting day, but of course, rewarding as always. 167 more words