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Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism Critique

I’ll just pretend this is the first time I’ve ever voiced my opinion over EAAN: I really enjoyed it! It’s probably the most persuasive theistic argument I’ve come across. 940 more words


Love to Hate You, Baby

At the tiny Kona airport, the bookstore was more like a bookshelf. I scanned the usual suspects – Dan Brown, Danielle Steele, Tom Clancy – for something vaguely readable. 676 more words


FINALly Awkward Is Back! (SPOILERS)


Thank goodness, “Awkward” is back; and I don’t just mean that the show has returned, but it’s finally back to the show I fell in love with in season 1 (or at least as close as it’s been in a while).   509 more words




I liked how the writers tapped into pop culture in this episode of “New Girl.”  They created a fictional dating app, “Dice,” which shares a striking resemblance to the infamous app “Tinder.”  In this episode, Schmidt gave Jess a lesson on how to use such dating apps.   276 more words


Photomontage Inspiration: Jerry Ulesmann & How I Critique

Who’s ready for more surrealism?! For my next photography project, I’ll be focusing on photomontage and double exposure methods in photography.  My inspiration for this project will be… 663 more words


The Word Cloud

The Word Cloud is an online writing community.


After many months of being signed up to The Word Cloud I eventually started looking and interacting. 252 more words

Does Destiny have a destiny? (Destiny story critique)

You can see a lot of hoopla all around the internet about Destiny, Bungie’s next big game, though since you’re reading a critique about it I’m assuming you already knew that. 992 more words