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CRKT 2385 Alan Folts Minimalist Wharncliffe

Columbia River Folts Minimalist Neck Knife 2″ Wharncliffe Blade (New)

Alan Folts is a knifemaker and metalworker in Greenville, N.C., who makes a remarkable range of custom objects, including titanium chopsticks. 197 more words


Guppie Tools

CRKT Guppie Tools (Replica)
Model 9070. Made in China

Innovative Items.
Guppie Multi-Tool is going to be your new best friend,
which will make a great addition to your everyday carry. 34 more words


Knife Review: CRKT Doug Ritter RSK Mk6 - Full Test

I have finished my testing and full review of the RSK Mk6. Read it on The Truth About Knives. Verdict? Not great, but not bad either. I dig it.

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Eat 'N Tool

CRKT Eat ‘N Tool
Stainless Steel Construction.

A rugged stainless outdoor spoon, fork,
bottle opener, screwdriver/pry tip,
10mm, 8mm, 6mm, metric wrenches,
and carry carabiner.
Made in China

Rp 60.000 ,-