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Why Is Typography A Part of CRO - Conversion Rate Optimisation

When you are thinking of improvements to increase conversion rates, what comes to mind? Testing colors, call-to-action buttons, features, and different components including content, correct? 139 more words

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A look at some CROs and CMOs using flow technology

I’m sure that you would agree that anything other than an exhaustive list of CROs/CMOs using flow technology as part of their services and contract work may not sit on your desk as a guide when you need it — but let’s start that list or at least the thinking for when that time is in front, the resource will provide some support. 405 more words

1 Live Krone 2014

Am 04. Dezember 2014 wird die “1 Live Krone” verliehen. Es sind auch einige Rapper nominiert. In diesem Jahr gibt es eine neue Kategorie “Bester Hip-Hop-Act”. 86 more words

Let's Listen to Some...G-Pop?!

I have previously complained about the lack of quality of German mainstream music in blog posts. But since the industry has actually kept churning out a couple of incredibly catchy tunes lately I decided to write about some of the German chart toppers that have changed my view of the German music industry recently. 1,823 more words


How a leading retailer used insight to improve omni-channel conversions

With a mission of providing their customers with a “unique and exciting retail environment” schuh had invested heavily in their online presence. Like all leading retailers they recognised that retail is now omni-channel and that to increase sales the shopping experience must be as intuitive and seamless on a smartphone or tablet as it is in store. 606 more words

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Can Web Experiments Go Too Far?

I remember a few months back when there was a big stir in the Facebook community when it was announced that Facebook had been experimenting to see if they were able to influence the moods of Facebook users. 795 more words

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