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With Christmas approaching I am busy crafting. I have a vendor show coming up and I have been tied between finding my niche, working on personal projects, and learning new things. 130 more words



I just love to bake. Cookies, sponge-cake, challa, cupcakes. It is just very relaxing to mix ingredients in a bowl, and knead them with your hands. 640 more words


A crochet beanie for my father-in-law

Today my father-in-law left on a holiday to New Zealand. He is going to be flying gliders over snow-capped mountains. What an amazing experience that would be. 437 more words


Purses, purses, purses!

I’ve been practising making purses because I wanna be able to sell them. So far, these are what I have.

Comment me your suggestions!


These Darn Hand Warmers!!!!

Oh how crocheting can be so frustrating sometimes. I am not that good at reading patterns, most look like a foreign language to me. So I almost always make things up as I go. 130 more words


Finished crocheted blanket

I started to crochet on August 11th. Between August 18th and August 28th the blanket was in Derby and I was in London. I then started working on it again on the 28th and finished it on September 9th. 38 more words


Boot Cuffs!!!!

What can I say? I love boot cuffs. They are just so cute and easy to make. Add some buttons and they look fabulous! What do ya think of my newest creations?