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I know it’s a little late, but this week’s featured stitch is another favorite of mine, the puff stitch! It’s very similar to the cluster except that instead of making several partial double crochets in the same stitch you’re basically doing partial single crochets. 269 more words

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Sorry for the lack of posting this week!

Hi all,

I apologise for the lack of posting this week, we have had an eventful one, as is always the way when it’s half term, not only that but hubby’s off works too, so my priority is family time, which I’m sure you can all understand. 261 more words


Cluster Stitch Tutorial and Free Cowl/Circle Scarf Pattern

One of the things I love most about crochet is how many different things you can make with just a hook and yarn. Lately I’ve been working on expanding my stitch vocabulary and have decided that a good way to motivate myself to keep learning is to do a weekly “stitch showcase.” So check back each week for a new featured stitch with tutorials and patterns! 917 more words

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Lots of Monsters and a Sick Baby

There’s nothing quite so sad as a sick baby. The teary eyes, goopy nose, coughing and sneezing just make me so sad. My poor little man has been sick on and off the last few weeks so I’ve been busy playing nurse, but if there’s an upside of having a sick baby it’s that he’s sleeping more than usual so I’ve actually had a pretty productive week! 189 more words

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