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Tokyo Mall Godzilla Amigurumi Plushie

The crochet skills are progressing slowly. I’ve been diving into amigurumi projects more and more to keep my hands from getting idle. In addition to it being Monster Christmas, this little guy was inspired by the… 229 more words

Craft Project

Mushroom Dyed Hats

I’ve injured my wrist – nothing serious, it’s adaptable –¬† but I’m avoiding activities that cause a searing nerve pain or a deep muscle ache. Like lifting heavy items¬† (dye pots) or repetitive motion (crocheting). 178 more words

Natural Dye

It's Monster Christmas, Misfits

Baby Tokyo Mall Godzilla is coming along! Christmas and kaiju movies are probably not the most obvious mash-up for people on this side of the Atlantic, but throw in some minions, some good company, and sardonic cable sitcoms on top of that and the past week has cheered me up immensely.

Craft In Progress

In Progress Crochet Projects

I have an embarrassing amount of yarn and fabric.

It takes up fully one half of my living room, arranged in plastic tubs, bins, and cubbies. 825 more words


Crocheted Bookmarks

This past week I having been making crocheted bookmarks with some leftover yarn that I have. My intention is to insert them into the Christmas cards I will give to the team of colleagues I work closest with. 298 more words


Amigurumi Seapony Pinkie Pie

Yuletide gifts are in full swing. This year, I started with the longer projects first, original patterns, designs, and modifications of other people’s patterns. Up first was a Pinkie Pie plush toy for a friend’s baby. 270 more words

Craft Project

I take it back...

I can do the magic ring!

*sings “It’s getting better all the time…”*

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