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Making Magic

Last week was one of my most diverse and fun weeks of running my new business to date. In the midst of final school runs and a weekend of 4 ballet shows I managed to fulfill 5 orders. 123 more words

New Starbeamer Pattern: Guppy

Mollies are a chubby little fish sold in pet stores and now you can have a molly large enough for a child to snuggle with and you don’t even have to feed it or change the tank! 38 more words


Cup of Tea?

Hi all! I am not sure if it is because the Royal baby Prince George is about to celebrate his first birthday, or the latest gossip of a possible second Royal baby on the way, or just that we are having rainy ol’ English weather at the moment, but I just had to revive this little teapot baby photo prop. 131 more words

Pöttyös blokk/Dotted block

I would like to share with you how to crochet the dotted block, which you can use to make some things. For example the dotted block dress… 129 more words


the hair net!

So satisfied with my retro hair net!