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I was looking on Ravelry and came across a beanie pattern I can’t remember exactly which one it was, I alternated between two colors blue and a multi colored yarn. 38 more words


Germany Wins!

Today’s game was a close one, both teams played their hardest and I was rooting for Germany to win I’m so glad 1-0, so in honor of their big win I crocheted a 9×10 square of their flag. 163 more words


Crochet Super Star Afghan

This is a project that I have started it’s going to become a baby blanket I got the pattern from thecrochetcrowd when you get on the page click on the search button and type in “crochet super star afghan” it looked pretty cool and I am really enjoying myself with it :) in the first picture I did the five rows that he gives in the pattern to show you what it’s going to look like. 110 more words


Summertime Hats... and a Countdown

For some reason, I have a habit in the summer of making hats. I know it’s not cold out and beanies like these are rarely worn in the summer… but then I think about a favorite TV show that is about to start its final season. 357 more words


Pattern Gathering: Bookmarks

As often happens when you’re in the middle of something big that should be taking up all your time, I spent a lot of time reading as a good escape from worrying about going through immigration in Canada. 322 more words


Silk and a Struggle With Perfection

There is no challenge in worsted weight acrylic. It is a tool, and a tool only. No longer do I marvel at the colors, the texture is so-so. 318 more words


The Gift You Can Give

Recently, my good friend Pamela, a fellow blogger, sent this to me, which caused me great delight.

If you’ve never read my blog before, you’re probably shrugging now and wondering (a) why yarn—and various textures of yarn at that—were sent to me and (b) why you should care. 584 more words