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Double Crocheted crystal dangle earrings

Making these earrings was absolute fun..and it didn’t take me long to finish as well
I was so bored of using just one layer of thread work in most of my earrings. 28 more words


Inspired of Glen Iris Here ...

It is impossible not to be inspired (and a little overwhelmed) by the plethora of extreme crafty talent around the world.  I could waste hours trawling pinterest, following facebook leads and jumping from site to site looking at really stunning works of art (and I sometimes do).  289 more words


Prussian Crochet

Automation has made it possible to produce so many objects — from bread to shoes — without the intervention of human hands (assuming that pressing a button doesn’t count). 444 more words


Crochet: Panda gift set

I made this set a while ago, intending to get it sent off to my sister-in-law for her baby shower.  That didn’t happen as planned and now we are going home around the time that little miss will arrive, so now I will just take it in person.  150 more words


Crochet-Along update

Awhile ago I wrote about a crochet-along that I was partaking in.  I also promised update photos.

But, with many of my projects that I do, I put it to the back burner as it was just taking up too much time, and I had other pressing matters to attend to. 281 more words


3 New Adventures In Knitting


The first steps to admitting that you are an addict is acceptance, right?  Well, I formally admit to the world that I, Shelley Little, am addicted to yarn. 401 more words


Crocheted Lamp

Recently I attended a business fair for residents of my base only. One of the things I made was a fully functioning crocheted lamp. Originally I was going to sell it for 125$ but I didn’t like how the top distorted so I reduced it to cost to 40$. 61 more words