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Hello, folks…

Today, let us talk about some crafts I have been working on and the use of social media with it. I use a lot of the Internet for ideas, and I have decided to look into Pinterest and YouTube for some ideas in beading and crafts. 309 more words

We're bloggers?!

I have to say I didn’t really see this one coming.  Me? A blog?  Having said that, I was totally on board with the idea (copious amounts of prosecco may or may not have played a part in the brainstorming process) and I was complicit in its creation. 326 more words


socrates: the unexamined life is not worth living/the unexamined yarn is not worth keeping

my yarns are quite like my friends, colourful, with textured stories, they make me jiggle & laugh.

1. summer tank top possibilities, beginning with pale rose urban silk, and other blooms… 155 more words


Crocheting Project

I am really excited for this project that I am starting up. This week on Wednesday, January 538 more words


Scallop Shirt Pattern

So I just wanna start with I LOVE THIS PATTERN.

Seriously, it’s super easy and quick.

I was looking for a shirt pattern that wouldn’t require like 10 balls of yarn and something that was light and breezy. 231 more words


Genevieve Bonnet Pattern

This is a very exciting day for me!  I have just released my new (and very first!) crochet pattern: The Genevieve Bonnet.

It is available for 50% off from now until midnight on Saturday. 117 more words


Dona's shades of grey

Me (to my 21 year old cousin): Dona I want to make you a new scarf in this sweet new stitch I’m learning. What’s your favorite color? 28 more words