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Sunday Suggestion - Crocodiles - Endless Flowers

San Diego’s Crocodiles are some of the best purveyors of Lo-fi, psychedelic noise rock in the sunshine state of California. A fine example of the talents of Brandon Welchez and Charles Rowell in this field of musical endeavour, is their 2012 single ‘Endless Flowers’ that is from the album of the same name. 55 more words


You’re beautiful, gorgeous [Soundcheck #18]

La semaine dernière, en refaisant le tour des concerts à venir dans le coin, je me suis aperçue que Crocodiles jouaient au Poste à Galène bientôt. 659 more words


UKIP to fill English Channel with crocodiles

The United Kingdom Independence Party will fill the English Channel with crocodiles in an effort to combat immigration should they be voted into Government or become part of a coalition. 249 more words


Prehistoric crocodiles' evolution mirrored in living species

Crocodiles which roamed the world’s seas millions of years ago developed in similar ways to their modern-day relatives, a study has shown. Fresh research into a group of prehistoric marine crocs known as Machimosaurus reveals key details of how and where they lived. 342 more words


Beho Beho Bushblog - Godlisten - 16th October

I would like to share with you what happened this week here at Beho Beho.

I have had some great sightings this week but probably the best was at Lake Tagalala, it was a highlight for my guests and me because we saw a lot of action on the way, starting with Lion and Hyena fighting for a dead Giraffe. 177 more words


Bolga and Paga

I am in love with my coworker Lindsay’s blog!  It’s hilarious, accurate, and detailed.  Read her post about our adventures in Bolga and Paga last weekend.