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Crikey, It's A Croc! And Sloths!

Early in the morning, we were back on the van headed to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.  It was a long drive that included gorgeous views from the mountain, naps, and the finishing of books for many of us. 475 more words


Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My

After a less than pleasant night for some of us, we bravely soldiered on, determined to last the day. This time it was David who joined us for the trip and the journey there was pretty straightforward. 583 more words

I Am Africa

Taking the B out of Bland.

Bland buildings are horrible things. The world is full of them. They say ‘this’ll do’ rather than ‘this will make you feel good.’ They make you think that no one cares and you feel cheated, disrespected even. 1,112 more words


Welcome to the Outback State

Our first night in the ‘Outback State’ found us camped on the Robinson River at a great free camping spot on the side of the road. 668 more words


A Vivid Repast

“Oh, what have we here? Some sort of putrefaction. Isabella, come see this.”

“That’s a good find, Oswald. The boa should be nearby. The regurgitate looks to be about 5 hours ago. 159 more words


Gables Crocs Elude Trappers Yet Again

CORAL GABLES (CBSMiami) – Days after a man and woman were attacked by a crocodile in a Gables by the Sea canal, the croc that may have been responsible still hasn’t been captured. 382 more words


more jaws full of teeth, or not

The night before last I dreamed that I was climbing across a rocky wall (or through a rocky crevice) behind a few other people. The rocks were unsteady under my feet. 449 more words