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Islands, Crocs, and New perspectives!

The day a picnic and some croc tracks saved my life.

Hi everyone! so seeing as we haven’t left yet, and I have a couple more weeks in which I can reflect on the craziness that has been ‘life so far’, I thought to myself – why not write about something that occupies a lot of headspace and has really gotten me to the place I am at today. 531 more words

Crocodilian Lapbook

You may remember that we went to Crocworld last month because Mr.A is seriously crazy about reptiles, specifically crocodiles, at the moment. Here is a… 584 more words

Home Schooling

The Mary River Wetlands:

It was a calm and peaceful trip through the Wetlands. As we explored part of the Alligator River system by boat (an oddly named river system as there are no alligators in Australia), our aboriginal guide pointed out unique plant and animal life — with some of us having to dodge the occasional tree limb in narrow channels. 210 more words


Everglades' Alligators

There are both alligators (more rounded nose) and crocodiles (more pointed nose) in Southern Florida, but the most common are alligators. The pictures below are of some of the alligators (and maybe one crocodile) I saw in my trip through 25 miles of the Everglades. 201 more words

Northern Territory - Darwin to Daly Waters

After two weeks of hotels we met our new home for the next two months and got straight on the road. It’s bigger than I thought it would be, but it’s still quite a confined space for such a long period of time, hopefully we won’t have strangled each other by the end of the journey! 548 more words

Passing the Time with Some Laughs

This weekend has been divided between waiting to see what happens with Cyclone Ita and an ongoing Australian comedy theme for the Challenge. Well it appears that I have some time on my hands as we are still waiting to find out if the storm will reform or not and how long we have to put up with this wind and rain. 376 more words

Just For Fun


April 10, 2008

Here’s a bunch of pictures of alligators… or maybe they’re crocodiles… I’m not really sure which. I doubt that it’s a very accurate portrayal of either one… 143 more words

Dennis Jones