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2 Quote A Flower Daily - Crocus

“We can let our circumstances rule us, or we can take charge & rule our lives from within.”

~Earl Nightingale


2 Quote A Flower Daily - Crocus Bunch 3

“Nothing reduces the odds against you like ignoring them.”

~Robert Brault


2 Quote A Flower Daily - Crocus Bunch 2

“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.”

~John W. Gardner


Raftel [One Piece Spoiler]

I’ve been thinking about Raftel from One Piece.  It is the one Island we hear the most about (Crocus, Whitebeard, Gold Roger, Nico Robin, Rayleigh), yet it is the one island we know the least about. 298 more words

Friday The 13th Posts

Credible Crocosmia

I’m experiencing some difficulty in photographing things that are red. Such as these beautiful Crocosmia flowers, also known as Lucifer. They are just not 100% in focus and I seem to experience that with many items that are red when I photograph them. But I like to composition enough to go ahead a post these images here on my Photo Blog. Last year I was fortunate enough to photograph one of these flower bunches with a hummingbird flying about. Check out that post here.

The Crocosmia flower is native to South Africa. It is not a native plant in Oregon, but it sure grows in abundance here in Oregon front yard gardens. It’s a beautiful flower. and a lovely plant. They are related to the Crocus flower which is used to produce the spice Saffron. The Crocosmia flower also gives of a scent something like Saffron, however, the spice does not come from this plant. This flower is also called Coppertips, Falling Stars, and Montbretia.

I hope you like this weeks flower photos, please share this post with your friends and connections. Be sure to also come back next week for more beautiful flowers.