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How to create CRON in zend

It is seen many times that People are struggling to create a Cron.
Creating a cron is not a difficult job. Developer used to struggle about how to set it up. 424 more words


Send emails as queue from your Yii2 application

This post will help you send emails from your application(database) with the help of cron and swiftmailer.This is extremely helpful when you need to send thousands of emails from your application. 384 more words

Emails From Yii2

cron + date for added complexity

Using the date command within a crontab file allows you to run jobs based on more complex rules than cron itself allows for. Suppose you needed to run a script on the second Friday of the month. 199 more words


HOWTO: Schedule jobs with cron on OpenWrt

No additional software needs to be installed on OpenWrt, as it already has the crond binary included.


Cron jobs need to be specified in /etc/crontabs/root. 166 more words


Running elysia cron on Acquia cloud


/usr/local/bin/drush -dv -l 
http://.prod.acquia-sites.com @.{siteenv] elysia-cron
/usr/local/bin/drush -dv -l MY_SITE_URL @MY_SITE_GROUP.prod elysia-cron
e.g. /usr/local/bin/drush -dv -l http://www.srijan.net @srijan.prod elysia-cron

MY_SITE_URL : http://www.srijan.net
sitegroup: srijan… 32 more words


Monitoring the uptime of the embedded systems

I’m working on a project based on wandboard-quad, which is a small 10 x 10 cm pcb with a quadcore ARM A9, 2 Gb of RAM, HDMI, 1Gbit Ethernet port, a Broadcom wireless adapter and lot of other high-end hardware on it. 163 more words


Linux - Introduction to CRON

Cron is program/service used to run jobs at paticular schedules.  It wakes every minute typically automates system maintainance and administrations.  This article on Gentoo wiki is very good. 337 more words