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What does the slash in crontab(5) actually do?

That’s a bit of a stupid question. Of course you know what the slash in crontab(5) does, everyone knows what it does.

I sure know what it does, because I’ve been a UNIX and Linux guy for almost 20 years. 368 more words

UNIX & Linux

Torrenting...like a boss.

Pre-Read! This really only may interest you if you meet the following point(s):

  • You leave your PC on overnight and do not mind about internet usage;
  • 474 more words

Cron Jobs - Setup, Testing, Awesome-ness.

So I got my Cron Job operational, and I thought it’d be good to do a real quick guide. Because I am an idiot, I think I will label this “ 532 more words


spamassassin throws errors in amavis cron job

The spamassassin install uses a cron job to do sync and cleanup called amavisd-new-cronjob. This job throws up errors on the Debian 7.

error creating a DNS resolver socket: Network is unreachable at 
/usr/share/perl5/Mail/SpamAssassin/DnsResolver.pm line 235. 141 more words

Jenkins Automation

Continuous integration and automated testing are essential to our internal operations, but two seemingly simple Jenkin’s features have evolved to be more important than we imagined – shell scripts and scheduled jobs.  215 more words


[BeagleBone Black] Launch Python Script at Boot like Arduino Sketch

In order to use the BealgeBone Black as a flight computer or embedded system in a product, it must be able to launch programs we wrote on start up without having to manually start it after logging in via ssh. 539 more words


Automatic MySQL DB Backups

It’s really easy to set up automatic MySQL backups using mysqldump. First, we need to set up a user with SELECT and LOCK TABLES privileges. 244 more words