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Ayra's at 1130 Washington Ave. Sold For $1.5M To Choice Petroleum - Racine Taxpayers Get Ripped Off By Jim Ladwig, John Dickert and Brian O'Connell Again!

More details will be coming this weekend concerning the special property tax arrangement and taxpayer funding provided by Racine Mayor John Dickert and  Redevelopment Authority of The City of Racine Director Brian O’Connell, and Debra Ladwig’s Employer (Racine County Executive Jim Ladwig’s wife)  that was provided for the construction of Ayra’s at 1130 Washington Avenue. 229 more words

The Suicide Pact

She’s the master. They’re the buster.

That is how everyone thinks about their Lord Aya.

She’s a craft of perfection and they used to be her slaves. 230 more words


The Critical Difference Between Rentier Wealth and Wealth Creation

If you want to understand why our economy is stagnating for everyone but the connected class (cronies) and wealth inequality is rising for the cronies, look at the rise of rentier seeker and the resulting decline in the creation of value and and economic health. 31 more words


What Will The Global Elite Do With People When They Aren’t Needed?

Is it true that robots and software will displace most people in the near future? What will happen to all the people that are replaced by machines? 403 more words


Ebola Outbreak or Encouraged Epidemic

Evidence is mounting that the American government is actively doing things to help the outbreak of Ebola in America. The federal government has a patent… 136 more words

Bad Government

Eric Holder- Worst Attorney General Ever

Just one more reason that Eric Holder is the worst AG ever.

Eric Holder is the quintessential progressive, I mean old school conservative. Behind all the rhetoric, he’s the cronies’ best friend. 124 more words

Bad Government

Correlation or Causation, Legal Drugs and “Active Shooter Incidents”

The FBI released a study on active shooter incidents from 2000-2013. They assert that this type of incident is becoming more frequent over the covered time frame. 1,111 more words