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"Bubble Boy" Barry...

What is Obama Hiding at His Wealthy Donor Fundraisers?

There are at least two major issues that make Obama’s participation in these events a matter of public interest and therefore open to at least some of the press.

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Homeschoolers Confident They Can Sink Disability Convention


A controversial treaty on the rights of the disabled has reappeared in the Senate two years after it was defeated, with Democrats believing this time around they can muster the votes needed for ratification.

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Pigs are flying, money trees are sprouting and Lois Lerner’s emails were found intact

Smokin’ Joe Biden: ‘Businesses Are Hiring at Historic Rates’

On Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden declared that America’s jobs picture is brighter than ever.

“Businesses are hiring at historic rates, with 52 consecutive months of net private sector job growth,” …

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IRS backup tapes discovered!

Koskinen stands by with magnet…

You can tell that this is a huge story because the Mainstream Media are completely ignoring it. It requires a bit of reading between the lines (though not a lot) to grasp what is going on.

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White House Fights to Keep Shirley Sherrod Emails Secret

Admin says public does not have ‘any need for access to those documents’

The Obama administration is trying to keep reams of White House emails regarding the 2010 firing of former Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod secret.

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The 5 Happiest Cities In America Are In One State & The Unhappiest Places Have One Thing in Common

What could it be? What *could* it be?

Some might suspect that they’re just putting something in the water, but the five happiest cities in America are all in the same state: Louisiana.

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