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Leftist Lawmakers and Enviro-Extremists Created CA Water Crisis


On Friday, the California State Assembly outdid itself. You can always count on the leftist leaders of what is supposed to be the “people’s house” never lets a crisis go to waste.

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We Are At War With ISIS And They Are A Real, Sophisticated, Threat


Despite comments to the contrary by the White House spokesman, we are at war with ISIS and they are a real and sophisticated threat. The intentions of the Islamic State have been made crystal clear: kill the infidel and establish the caliphate by any means necessary.

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Bharrat Who? Some Jagdeo legacies #corruption

I know that I have had cause to express my curious appreciation of those columnists and dedicated letter writers – based in Georgetown and overseas – who, virtually, daily, lambaste Bharrat Jagdeo, his heirs and wannabes, most relentlessly with a view to regime change. 1,161 more words


Being a leftist liberal because that's where the money is...

Pigford Redo – Eric Holder To Give Funds From DOJ’s $16 Billion Settlement With Bank Of America To Radical Leftist Groups…

The Department of Justice (DOJ) keeps giving radical leftist groups that support President Obama huge amounts of cash collected from big banks to settle discrimination and mortgage abuse lawsuits filed by the government.

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Get on board! with Albin and get "Chet-faced!"

Chet had his “sober” campaign kickoff yesterday, and it was filled with “bluster” regarding how he plans to move this city forward.

Before his speech, Mayor Frank Jager weighed in with a prophetic statement: “In the future the council may need a… 425 more words

City Council

Presidential pork, election budget and Aquino cronies

Massive presidential lump sums and discretionary funds in the 2015 National Expenditure Program (NEP), along with a redefined savings, expose the proposed P2.6-trillion budget to abuse by the Aquino administration. 1,417 more words

Noynoy Aquino