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The First Rule of Amnesty Fight Club

Don’t make this a battle between Congress and the president. Make it a battle within Congress.

The beauty of this strategy is that it targets people who are likely to fear the damage to their interests and on matters where the congressional majority has pretty much total power if it chooses to use it.

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The REAL Story Behind the 'Redskins' Name


Recently, I was lucky enough to sit down with M. Andre Billeaudeaux who is the author of a new book entitled How the Redskins Got Their Name…

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Priorities – Mike Brown Body Lays In Unmarked Grave As Parents Jet Set Around Making Money off His Death….


Perhaps Mike Brown’s mom, Lesley McSpadden, is too busy coordinating the next T-Shirt promotion.  Or perhaps Mike Brown Senior is too busy scheduling the next private jet trip to Europe while meeting with celebrities to grift more money from his death. 

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The peasants are revolting

Media commentators in Ireland and overseas are collectively scratching their heads about why Irish people have peremptorily started protesting, at a time when austerity is almost at an end and the Irish economy is showing early signs of growth. 686 more words


Did they think there wouldn't be an impact?

SEATTLE’S MINIMUM WAGE CRASH: $15 to ZERO! Profits Take a Nosedive!

Seattle, Washington, one of the strongest remaining bastions of liberal philosophy left in the country, passed a phased-in $15 minimum wage law earlier this year.

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New Obama stimulus plan - $2 billion for fertility clinics

I’m joking.  

But this photo isn’t photoshopped. 

Apparently in some Asian countries this is the word for “cement.”

That said, a public policy study I NEVER saw anyone anywhere write about, would have been on a regulation that people (i.e., upper middle class people with high option insurance and deep wallets), which required that sperm (and maybe egg) donors had to be HIV tested not with any of the common HIV tests, but with the more expensive anti-nucleic acid  126 more words