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Crooked Teeth? Waste No Time in Visiting an Orthodontist in Davis, CA

Vulnerability to Gum Disease
Since misaligned teeth interferes with a person’s ability to chew food well, uneven or crowded teeth can make one more susceptible to gum diseases like gingivitis, which is characterized by swelling, redness, irritation, and even bleeding gums whenever an individual flosses or brushes. 31 more words

Crooked Paths

Worry leads down strange paths. Negativity haunts vision and skews clarity making decisions off centered and some what crooked. Worry and negativity should never be main deciding factors. 15 more words


Rick Stacy On Demand 7.24.14

A Publix pervert, John Travolta rumors, and a crooked car dealer come together in today’s edition of Rick Stacy On Demand!

SUNNY Update – Rick talks about a Publix pervert, even more GM recalls, a gas-passing Phillies pitcher, and more! 345 more words


Presidential Fact

Lyndon B Johnson blackmailed the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and confessed to doing so on tape.

How he Snitched on himself…

When Fresh Fails...

The Easiest Way to Straighten & Crop Photos

Being homo sapiens that unfortunately have not evolved tripod-like arms, it is impossible to take a perfectly straight photo every time. Crookedness could make or break a potentially great photo (think of all the landscape photos with a crooked horizon!). 143 more words


Crooked Windows

Crooked Windows 


The crooked windows show 

       a soul made crooked

          by skewed love 


Their reflection created

        by an escape invisible

           to all but Fear


She paints in imagined solitude… 17 more words


Question on the allowable valuation date range

Colton asks:

I have a question about the valuation date for the property taxes. Everywhere I see a date on the HCAD website it says that the market value is the value of the property at Jan 1.

283 more words