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HUGE Tobi Fall Haul

Make sure to check out Tobi’s website by Clicking Here – If you are new to the site you receive 50% off EVERYTHING in your order, it’s pretty awesome! 95 more words

Collective Haul

Flaws OF Couture & Their Midnight Launch

Garcia and Sasha started their line with their popular hand made Infinity Scarves. Yesterday they launched their new items that come right on time for winter. 104 more words


The Fashion Girl from Flushings

Hello friends!

Today, my fashion icon is the epitome of 90’s glam: Nanny Fine. I don’t know about you guys but I adored Fran Fine growing up and have watched every single episode of this sitcom. 171 more words


Bridal Crop Tops: The Final Frontier?

I’ve seen a lot of things in my time.  I wrote an entire post about exposing our mid drifts for the sake of looking in-style, and to those select women whatever floats your boat.   494 more words


What Your Outfit Says About Your Attitude

There are many reasons why people choose the outfit that they do and I am often curious about those reasons. Sometimes you look at a person and it’s clear they are having a rough day and others you’re just questioning where their life is headed all together. 478 more words

1 Skirt, 3 Looks

Starting off this week’s 3 looks in 1 special is this dark floral A-line midi skirt I got for $10! I found this item a bit of a challenge due to it’s proportions since it’s rather long on my 5’3 frame, but I made it work 3 3 totally different ways.   360 more words


Reversible woven (non-stretch) crop top

With so many things on my endless sewing queue I had to ask myself- what do I want to make the most? what will I get the most wear/enjoyment out of. 637 more words

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