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Why and Why Not

In college, I shared a house with a friend who loved to cook but had no patience for it.  She would read for hours, but couldn’t wait for a pot of water to boil before putting the pasta into it.   1,058 more words


OSCAR'S STORY- Long lived the cat- From Worzel

Tell us a story, I asked Mrs Gibberflat, Godfrey has never heard the one of Oscar- long lived the cat.  My stepmother, Mrs Gibberflat never threw very much out in her life, including our cat. 463 more words

MasterChef: Top 6 Creampuff Tower Challenge

This week’s forced hashtags were #MCRestaurantTakeover and #CreamPuffTower. Make what you will of that. 456 more words


Starting With a Challenge: Mini Croquembouche

Okay, I know that I said this blog would have mostly healthy recipes and I also said that all the recipes would be made in our dorm rooms. 1,905 more words



It was my dad’s birthday last week, and I decided to give myself a little challenge, and make a croquembouche. :)

I had never made one before, but find they always look really impressive, and wanted to try something different. 859 more words