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fbs18: champagne kisses and cream puff wishes

Contrary to most, I’ve decided to kick off the the year in the same gluttonous fashion in which I ended the previous one.  Of course my health reboot switch has been flipped but there’s lots of time to talk fit food; after all, the year did just begin. 856 more words


Your Microbiome, Yusuf Islam, Not Learning

I try not to worry about all the antibiotics I’ve taken over the years having killed off my microbiome. After all, what can I do about it now, except take lots of probiotics, and, of course, eat very little, because the antibiotics have also killed off my metabolism. 447 more words


A croquembouche for tea?

If you haven’t had tea with Justine yet, you’re missing out. Today (a day late!), I’m bringing a special birthday cake to Justine’s Tea Time #3… 357 more words


Croquembouche for the New Year

Most every year we throw a big party at my house for New Year’s Eve, inviting upwards of 50 people for food, tombola, sparklers, and dancing.   942 more words


January 3rd - Croquembouche

The Croquembouche is not just a dessert, it’s a gluttonous conglomeration of several sweet things that when consumed individually, can fill us with significant amounts of guilt. 133 more words


To start 2015, I wanted to challenge myself to make something a little crazy. Ever since I’d seen my first croquembouche, I’ve been dying to try it. 287 more words


fbs17: christmas dinner 2014...olé

Christmas 2014 has come and gone; my pine garlands have turned a muted shade of brown-green; my Christmas planter is more branch than holly; and the unwrapped gifts under our tree are in need of a permanent home.   724 more words