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Halex Select 6 Player Croquet Set in Deluxe Carry

Earlier, the professional game of croquet required a player to pass the ball through twelve croquet hoops. Over the years the game has developed into a backyard activity as well as a professional sport and is enjoyed by people of all ages around the world. 340 more words


Gamecraft Deluxe Croquet Set Simplifying

Championship croquet hoops are traditionally made from 5/8

Even though there is some similarity in between Croquet and Golf (both are played on grass, or need to be anyway, the two use balls, equally are played by employing some type of club or mallet to transfer the balls, etc…) most men and women don’t usually associate the two. 258 more words

Leave Me in this Contemplation to Weep

In honor of the¬†“As You Like It” seminars at St. John’s College on Croquet Day…

Duke Senior (Act II, Scene i)

Come, shall we go and kill us venison?

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This is my cousin, Sarah. I’ve looked up to her since I can remember, and she always made me feel so special when she would make sure to include me in the activities she and the older kids would¬†participate in at the lake and on our family vacations. 453 more words

Hiddleston Horse Riding

I apologise for the lack of activity, to be honest it is not for the lack of dreams but more sheer laziness. I am however, keeping track of dreams and have at least four more to actually get started on writing, but for now I hope you enjoy this most beautiful dream; I hope I can do the landscapes of this dream justice. 460 more words

Dream Diary

Off with your head over Croquet????

Need to learn to Play Croquet for upcoming match with the Red Queen, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter??? Want to know the official rules playing with a mallet rather than a flamingo?!. 13 more words