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Online or Offline or Both!!!

“I am sorry to saying that Marketers should think differently. Traditional campaigning are not going to help us a lot. Customers behave in a strange way to buy one product.”  249 more words

Why smartphones are pretty much all the same

There are a plethora of smartphones on the market, and despite the large number of applications that they offer, these devices are basically all the same. 304 more words

Cross Channel Marketing

Komli revs up cross channel campaigning for brands with RevX

If you are brand or a marketing company looking to make most of the customer insights that you get from your web, mobile, and CRM activities to improve your cross channel marketing strategy, then try out RevX from Komli Media. 379 more words

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How effective is a webinar

All businesses want to stand out in front of their competition nowadays, and one of the best ways to achieve that is to engage in activities that other companies similar to yours don’t perform. 291 more words

Cross Channel Marketing

11 marketing tips to consider for 2015

When you own a small company, you always want to increase the number of sales that you have, and the best way to get that is by having the right promotional methods. 383 more words

Cross Channel Marketing

9 Reasons why mobile marketing is becoming ever more important

Ever since its appearance a decade ago, mobile marketing’s importance has increased tremendously. Nowadays through online marketing each company can reach large numbers of people from all over the world and generate leads. 293 more words

Cross Channel Marketing

7 tips when making your own YouTube for your business


YouTube is by far the largest video hosting network in the world, so this means that anyone, be it person or company, has to post a video here in order to get increased exposure. 283 more words

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