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The British Pop Dandy

In the sixties a new male pop icon emerged that came to dominate the British pop industry; the pop dandy. In the book, “The British Pop Dandy” Professor Stan Hawkins describes starts like David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Robbie Williams as dandified. 126 more words


The Study of Music and Masculinity in Germany

The process of studying masculinity and masculinities role in society has really only recently become a major issue. It hasn’t really been studied in general and really at all in the role of music until recently despite its fundamental importance for music history, music education and the social cultural in general. 110 more words


Post 44 - Final Thoughts

We have been in India now for almost 5 months. This post is being written in the Delhi airport as we wait for our 2 AM flight back to Chicago, a 15 hour trip. 583 more words

International Best Friend

We are from different continents but we gel together like flies on peanut butter. She’s from Czech Republic and is attending college, but we are still pretty tight! 15 more words

I am hopeless at reading implicit cultures!

A couple of months ago, Mama Velo, our normal house mama, starting sending her daughter Esta instead of coming herself. We heard that Mama Velo was sick but then we heard that she was better, and yet, she had not returned. 495 more words

Written By Tamie

Are We Losing The Word "Missions"?

We all know what a missionary is, right?

Well, maybe. The word has sort of fallen into disfavour over the last few decades, much like the word “crusade” has thankfully fallen out of the lexicon of most of our churches. 1,932 more words

Christian Culture

Creating Successful Business Relationships across Cultures

Do your Finnish team members never seem to express emotions? Do your Swedish clients take an eternity to make a decision? Have you ever been frustrated at your American coworkers’ braggadocio? 400 more words