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How My Husband Changed My Wedding Plans

One of the most valuable things that I have learned about marriage became apparent when I was trying to decide what colors our wedding party would wear. 967 more words


Apples, Italians, and Cats—Musings on Cross-Cultural Chaos

Cross-cultural living and ministry often seems to pendulum wildly from highs to lows.  By now, I expect  and even welcome the adrenalin of crazy situations, the extreme flexibility required, and seeing the humor in many situations as I flounder through language and culture.  967 more words


Baymax Under Fire, Part 3

… so I left the last two parts of this article on a bit of a cliff hanger. And for that, I apologize. The simplest answer is that I wanted to discuss the film in depth but didn’t want to dissect it while worrying about spoilers – and now that it has been out for several weeks, I can let loose. 999 more words

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Film Review: 'Traces of Sandalwood'

Delighting in cross-cultural contrasts, “Traces of Sandalwood” follows two separated sisters — one awash in the colorful melodrama of Bollywood, the other locked in the sterility of a biology lab in Barcelona.  502 more words


Who In Their Right Mind Moves to Pahoa?

I’ve always had a rebel streak in me. Got it from my dad, a grown man who relished finding ways to break rules without technically breaking them. 1,414 more words


A Word About the Weather...

A Word on the Weather by Robynn

Nothing serves to highlight the differences between where I used to live and where I now live more poignantly than the weather. 1,050 more words


Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas . . .

I’m not a person who likes to be rushed, and I am a person who front-loads, who gets things done early, so as not to have to make decisions or preparations in a rush. 302 more words

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