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Weird Fact Of The Day 09/30/2014

History says that J Edgar Hoover was a huge closeted, cross-dressing flamer.

But that is only half the story.

It is a closely guarded secret that it is manditory for ALL employees of the CIA to wear frilly ladies undergarments while at work, and all social functions are to be attended in drag. 20 more words

Weird Fact Of The Day

21 Varieties of Traditional African Homosexuality

An illuminating piece on homosexuality in Africa dating as far back as pre 1600’s.

Puzzling. Just very puzzling.

I really do not get the shame and the stigma attached to being gay in Africa in the 21st century. 27 more words

Tickle Me Fancy

Auntie Doris's Tarot Card of the Week #48: The Chariot. 29th September -5th October 2014

If you ask me, it’s a ruddy funny looking chariot on this card. The bloke in it is stood up and it looks like he is encased in a concrete block. 504 more words


Facing a torn-out page?

This month’s entry will probably go out of date very quickly, but here goes anyway… one of the stories of September 2014 was the news that… 834 more words


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COMMAND PERFORMANCE (Nathan VanHorn’s Service To Country During The American Civil War, Book 1)


The Confederate Navy is building an ironclad river boat to end the Charleston Blockade, which could ensure the South wins the Civil War. 513 more words

P. J. Wright


Cover art by P. J. Wright

Chapter 1-1

The New Girl

In a Los Angeles apartment

“You’re insane!” I yelled.

Josh was calm. “Look, it’s a workable plan. 2,809 more words

P. J. Wright


Cover art by P. J. Wright


The Early Years

That the reader may most fully understand the how and why of my career as a spy in the service of the Federal cause in that lamentable conflagration which most recently tore this great nation asunder, I think it beneficial for me to set down a brief history of my early years and my career in the theater. 1,908 more words

P. J. Wright