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anyone who follows my blog will know that i absolutely adore pantyhose, i love the feel of them on shaved or waxed legs, having my own legs to stroke, the look of pantyhose under a short mini skirt or shorts, the feeling of guilt as i rub my legs together. 70 more words


Just a little in the middle

One of the things I have struggled with as a cross-dresser over the years is body weight. I have been up and down for a variety of reasons, but this time I think I am finally headed the right way. 979 more words


Cocklocked and Tittified


first of all the cocklocking.

Here is the cocklock I chose, with  Mistress Cassandra’sapproval

I decided to buy the Helmet, a device marketed by Toys4NaughtyBoys. 377 more words


I won't lie

This dude and his friends seem like they might be hilarious.

Mama's Back

I went back to check Mike’s blog a few times yesterday to see if he had posted anything about his date but I was disappointed. I don’t think he’s talked to the guy again and his latest post is about how his mother wants to come stay at his condo for a week and how much he’s looking forward to seeing her. 883 more words

The feminine in religion

In the West the main religion is Christianity, which is a heavily male dominated religion. The Trinity is predominantly male – Father and Son are both masculine and Holy Spirit tends to be thought of as masculine or neuter. 260 more words


Day three in panties

Well today is the third day I have been wearing panties for Mistress Bijoux. It really isn’t as bad as I thought it would be and I am starting to kind of enjoy them. 137 more words