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When Things Really Aren't What They Seem

There’s a beautiful African American girl often seen on the Avenue. She’s a willowy, 6 foot gal with loping legs and a runway model’s leanness dressed as if she popped right out of Vogue. 253 more words


Illusions of beauty

I tried really hard to let go of the ‘mommy’ stuff with Michael. I mean, it was instantly out of my head the moment he actually slept with her but I found myself feeling a bit ripped off…like I had put in all that time and love only to have it whipped away from me and handed over to the first person he encountered with female anatomy who he could get inside his house. 595 more words

It's Bigger On the Inside

As much as I’d like to tell you about Mardi Gras 1993 I’m sworn to secrecy. What happens in New Orleans stays in Hammy’s head. 20 more words

Comic Commentary

Cross-Dressing: kalkulierte Stilbrüche

Selten sieht man noch in sich stimmige Komplettlooks in großen Modestädten. Es kommt auf Einzelteile an. Nicht auf das Ganze. So entstehen keine eintönigen Looks, sondern ganze Collagen. 136 more words


It's 5 o'clock somewhere!

Everyone knows I am all over the place when it comes to topics, and that generally is due to the fact that my mind is all over the place on most days, especially when I am really feeling my femme self gaining strength! 719 more words


Trollied... at last!

My good friend Kirsty reflected recently on the amazing progress she’s made over the past six months and how so much can change in a relatively short time. 785 more words


Book Review - The Diamond Thief

Here is my review, if it can be called that, of The Diamond Thief by Sharon Gosling.

Today it’s a CinemaSins style review, only for a book. 879 more words

Book Review