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On the drawingtable

Working on a mixedmedia painting of the skyline of Innsbruck, Austria (commission)


Cinqueterre, Italy 1981-2

A long time ago, I had the good fortune to study in Florence for an academic year. After my return to Canada, it took years to pay off my student loans but it was worth it. 362 more words

Barry Coombs

My Own Expectations

Graphite, watercolor, ink on toned paper

15″ x 22″

My Own Expectations came about while considering the pressures we place on ourselves no matter if it is work we are doing for others or work of our own. 20 more words


The Nerve...

Graphite, watercolor and ink on toned paper

15″ x 22″

The Nerve… is an image that I have fought with for some time now. I had been thinking about insensitive, insincere or even hurtful comments made to me and those I have made to others. 43 more words



Mixedmedia painting of a Spectacled owl (Pulsatrix perspicillata). Watercolour and Rotring Rapidograph

Black And White

A Bit of My Story

Here’s a chunk of the current story I’m living through.

For as far back as I can remember, I’ve wondered about ambition. To put it succinctly, what could I do if I set my mind to it? 378 more words


¡Adios, pañales!

If you’ve ever been a parent, then you know the joy I feel in finally being done with potty training. No more diaper runs, diaper bags, pull-ups, nothing. 31 more words