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The finished mixedmedia drawing of a Morepork (Ninox novaeseelandiae), also called the Tasmanian spotted owl.



I have a strange relationship with watches.

When I was little, I would intensely love a new watch. They were always brightly colored, and this was in the time when having a stopwatch or a little light on your watch was a huge deal. 312 more words


Drawings of Sad Children

Hello all! A while ago I decided to draw these, which I like to call Sad Children. They kind of remind me of orphans from the early 1900s, but in my mind they seemed to be too well-kept to be orphans, and I had a vague suspicion that in their own world they had parents… So I settled on them just being sad. 80 more words


On the drawingtable

Sketching and experimenting in search of new projects…


On the drawingtable

Working on a drawing of Dionne Warwick


Inaugural Post

Hello, thanks for checking out the blog.

I’m going to get straight to it, since I don’t really know what people want from this sort of thing nor am I particularly fond of trying to sell myself. 86 more words