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Local government pay proposals: rubbish now and rubbish in the future!

Cross-posted from Local Government Worker Activists , a new unoffical blog for Local Government and School workers (whether in GMB, Unison and Unite) to organise to defend members terms and conditions and coordinate a rank and file network against cuts, for decent pay and conditions and against privatisation and the break up of local government. 554 more words


A Case for the Mondays

“Ah…Monday.” We’ve all heard it a million times, right? And don’t act like you don’t know what context I mean that in: this is GG, I’m not talking about the time in kindergarten when we learned what all the days of the week are – I’m talking about the bane of your coworkers’ collective existence. 843 more words

After the referendum: Scottish left falls in behind SNP

By Dale Street
Cross-posted from Workers Liberty

The working class voted “yes”. The Labour Party is finished. And we need a new mass socialist party. 1,209 more words


Cross-Post Classified Networks Partners With Recruitics

First step towards guaranteed network results for client newspapers.

Petaluma, CA, USA (September 22, 2014) — Cross-Post Classified Networks, the leader in the niche newspaper recruitment space, announced today that they have partnered with… 372 more words

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Power Plays and Indian Steampunk in Eric Brown's Jani and the Greater Game

Janisha Chatterjee is a woman tangled up in layered identities. She lives during the heyday of British imperial rule, which is powered by mysterious technology known as Annapurnite. 158 more words


East Ukraine: Russia installs a new leadership

By Dale Street (cross-posted from Workers Liberty):

Above: Pro-Russian separatists march Ukrainian prisoners through Donetsk in response to the Independence Day celebrations in Kiev. 1,022 more words