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Archie Andrews' Demise

When I was a kid, I considered it a major victory when I could make my mom buy me an Archies comic book at the bookstore or at a grocery store, especially if it was a Double Digest. 430 more words


Unions could give Labour a bold, popular programme

This article by Jon Lansman was written before this weekend’s Labour Policy Forum and first appeared at Left Futures . We think it makes some very important points about the present state of the Labour-union link: 1,213 more words


Unrequited Love


I don’t even know if I know what it is properly. Maybe because whenever I have felt something which was not requited I called it infatuation. 1,121 more words


Workers Liberty on the collapse in Iraq

Picture appearing to show ISIS militants loading captives into a truck.

The following article, by Martin Thomas of Workers Liberty, carries weight because it is largely based upon interviews with representatives of the Worker-communist Party of Iraq and the Worker-communist Party of Kurdistan. 1,236 more words

Middle East

What is JAC

(We’ll be talking about our adventures in Philidelphia this week. First up, Poncho’s post about the history, and purpose, of the Juvenile Advisory Council. This is a post he wrote for… 306 more words


Eurasianism and the 'Russian Spring'

Above: Andrew Murray addresses a recent London meeting of Eurasianists (aka  ‘Anti-Fascist Resistance in Ukraine’)

Cross-post by Dale Street:

Apologetics, if not outright support, for the forces of political reaction and oppression have become a hallmark of sections of the socialist left in the two and a half decades following the collapse of the Soviet Union. 3,479 more words