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Sunshine, Sutro and Shorts

I don’t think I could find a more ideal combination; graffiti, a sunny beach, ruins, friends and my Canon T3. Despite living in the surrounding suburbs, Sam and I are both city girls, so what better place to shoot than in our neighboring city, San Francisco! 56 more words

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World, Meet Sam and Michelle.

Question #1- Why did you want to start this blog?

Sam- Michelle came to me with the idea of an outfit-of-the-week blog, where we would shoot each other’s outfits on location and then switch back and forth blogging each other’s outfits. 951 more words

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Still seaming and hooking...

So while that long project gets a little longer, I’m taking a breather and working on a new pride necklace. Can you guess which one it is?

Craft In Progress

Norfolk Diligence Sampler - Progress 4

I love this sampler, but I’m taking it slowly. And enjoying it a lot. I have finished the first band completely. And I’ve started the second band, which has three sets of green stems and two red and off-white flowers. 86 more words

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I’m building a castle….and designing its surroundings….


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Rocket Raccoon Cross Stitch

Go see, Guardians of the Galaxy. It is amazing. And while you are waiting for the movie to start, you can work on this:


Jeanette Crews Designs’ Omnibook of Alphabets-Omnibook 13: Book #813

We are offered 111 designs, all of alphabets to be cross-stitched, within this unique pattern book. It’s exceptional in the fact that the designs include a raised stitch for the Braille alphabet, as well we have a sign language alphabet. 38 more words

Book Apprasials