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That one time...

Previously, I had debated how and where to start. Well, I’ve decided. The best place to start, as has been proven throughout time’s test, is the beginning. 219 more words

WIP - Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch

Awhile back I ¬†shared a pattern I came up with for a good friend who is currently building her own house .. Check it here… 102 more words

Craft Project

Things that are Currently Delighting Me

1. Zach has kept his PlayStation 2 for the last ten (plus) years. I thought this was strange because he moved it to college, to our interim house in Fayetteville, then to our home in Augusta and never used it. 519 more words


Nintendo Entertainment (Cross)-Stitch

Another day, another thing to distract me from my self-imposed deadline for finishing the Dark World geeky pattern to give to the internet.

This time I’m going back to my gaming roots — the good ol’, blow the game¬†cartridge when it won’t work, Mario-lovin’, Duck Huntin’ NES. 221 more words


Cross Stitch, Knitting or Crochet Handmade Gifts

I wanted to share this post by The Knitter NerdKnitting for Love, which talks about us crafty gods and goddesses creating handmade gifts for loved ones, and their appreciate (or lack there of) for said handmade gifts. 313 more words

Craft Project

Tada! - Hugs & Tea Cross Stitch

I really love tea. Like a whole damn lot.

I’ve professed my love previously, and I posted a photo before I’d washed, ironed and framed this piece. 83 more words

Craft Project

One Stitch at a Time

I feel like it’s really easy for all us crafty people to get caught up in our piles (& piles) of WIP’s, and sometimes to become a little impatient that they’re not going quick enough. 157 more words

Craft Project