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So I’ve been designing a couple of cross stitch patterns recently, and wanted to use a simple and accessible program to save the progess, so I’ve started to use Microsoft Excel for this. 182 more words

Lion Progress! (#9) and Bluebells Galore

We went out Geocaching again yesterday (not surprising, we’ve gone at least once every week it feels!) and this time chose to wander around the bluebell-carpeted woods near campus. 476 more words


Whoever wields this pattern, if he be worthy...

Shall have a cute, 8-bit finished cross-stitch of Thor.

My oldest came up to me and wanted me to make her a little pattern of Thor for her to cross-stitch. 82 more words


& An Intro

Hi there,
My name’s Erin, and I was inspired to write a blog to track my passion for cross stitching, quilting, and the many other crafty projects that I have goingon right now. 114 more words

Lion Progress! (#8) - We have a completed face!

Yup, you heard that right! I went on a bit of a stitching binge last night while watching the film Clockwise, and ended up finishing the lion’s face! 140 more words


Once upon a time cross stitching sampler

I have only just finished February square of this sample, i know its like 2 months too late and i really thought it would get on track with this. 66 more words

Cross Stitching

Cardiff & Doctor Who

So….so much for this to be a ‘raur!  listen to me!’ kind of blog.  I have discovered that I just don’t have enough time to find a subject every week or so to rant about.  294 more words

11th Doctor