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Why "Allison"?

Well, why Allison?  Why lil’ ol’ me?  Well, like many of you may be, I am a crossdresser who’s supportive and open-minded.  I may be somewhat shy, but I am fabulously friendly when displaying my femme persona.  954 more words


Post-Christmas blues

It’s been a while since the festivities of Christmas. Long hours at work and no time for a girl to get out and be glam for the past month. 140 more words

Cross Dressing

The situation at work

It goes without saying that I think it’s vital for trans people of all types to get out of the closet. I’ve written here about my experiences with that (mostly positive). 513 more words


Beyond hair gel

There is a point beyond which no amount of gel will hide and hold long hair in place. I seem to have reached that point. Jokingly some friends have suggested that it’s beginning to look girly. 24 more words

Skiing en femme?

With all the gear on only my mouth is visible. I just need a nice red lipstick and I’m done.

Seriously though it is beautiful here in Austria this week.

Star Wars more unreal than necessary?

Yes, yes, I know Star Wars is science fiction, but I think it needs to be stated that the emphasis of all six movies to date is heavily on the fiction and fairly light on the science. 589 more words


Allison's random stuff (1/24/2015 edition)

Yeah, I titled this post “random stuff” because that’s that this post is about: Some random stuff I wanted to highlight. (It don’t get no simpler than that. 771 more words