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Wordpress woes

If practicing makeup skills was as unrewarding as trying to improve my WordPress skills I think I might just have given up a long time ago. 131 more words

"It's been a long, long time coming.....

… but I know a change gonna come.”

Not my words of course but those of Sam Cooke and although he was talking about much more important stuff than the twaddle I’m about to come out with, it’s still a nice quote to hang this post on. 571 more words

Gender Identity

Outlet shopping

It’s not that London is short of retailing but sometimes it’s nice to shop somewhere different.

I hate enclosed shopping malls with their artificial theme park atmosphere. 399 more words

My eldest child

Monday, the 6th of September, my eldest son (29) was due to fly into town. He was to join me in being interviewed for a television series. 346 more words


Mandy Creates a Whole New Look

Mandy Sherman visited my studio for a makeover and photo shoot in August to pamper herself with a new look during a weekend trip to Washington, D.C. 112 more words



Boys grow up used to the idea that mum will carry for them, in her bag, anything that won’t fit in their pockets. This is self-perpetuating. 127 more words