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Modern vintage... beautiful!

I have been traveling a lot lately, and haven’t had much time to read, write or post anything for awhile. But I am now back at home and after some “catch-up” time will soon be able to fall back into my routine of life. 367 more words


Delineating Autogynephilia: Porn-and-homophobia-induced vs. Transvestic Fetishism (a personal story)

There’s a reason so many radical feminists refer to AGPs as “porn-sick men.” If a study were to be done, it would no doubt find that an overwhelming proportion of those suffering from autogynephilia (and who make others suffer with them) are addicted to pornography (overwhelming would probably mean all). 2,123 more words

The Perils of Steven

When I was a boy, my friend Dax and I would often find one of our classmates, a small and pale boy named Dick running after the girls and pulling their hair. 4,158 more words


The Domestication of William

The summer vacation started out well. William took one of Ethel’s dresses from the washing line and tore it into a flag. He wanted to play the general of an army on its last frontier. 2,437 more words


Selfies from Last Night!

This is bragging a little, but I think I looked super cute last night! 19 more words