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Chores in Heels and Panties

Today I had a little time home to myself, but not enough time to dress.  I took the opportunity to slip into a pair of panties under my boy clothes (I kept them on all day) and a pair of heels.   146 more words

I miss ...

… Pole dancing!

I know it’s a late night blog entry and I can’t sleep and was thinking about the lessons I took in pole dancer last year and I do miss them! 385 more words


Tucking Hell

The one downside of crossdressing … Apart from the secrecy and the negative view society has on it … The biggest downside is that you put on a tight dress, you look fantastic and then boom, there is a bump, where a bump is not meant to be! 450 more words


"We don't want to be girls. We just want to be cute!" The future of crossdressing in Osaka

Tokyo’s Onna no ko kurabu, or Girls’ Club, has a simple mission statement: it’s a place where anybody can enjoy dressing in girls’ clothing… 284 more words


Never forget 2

That however hard I try and however well I present (sometimes quite well on a good day) I am just a guy in a dress.